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  • 國科會外文學門86-90研究成果發表會
    Presentation Seminar on Research Results of NSC Foreign Languages Field, 1997-2001

Date: October 24-25, 2003
Place: National Chung Hsin University

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  1. Teaching Strategies and Techniques for Large Groups.
    Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Thomas
    Date: October 15 (Wednesday), 2003, 2:00~3:30
    Place: Room 210, Ming Ming Building, Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology


Call for Papers
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  1. 第一屆大眾文學與文化研討會:大眾文學與文化:大眾性與(反)全球化
    The First Popular Literature and Culture Conference
    Popular Literature and Culture: Popularity and (Anti-)Globalization
  2. 銘傳大學2004國際學術研討會:應用語文教育的理論與實際
    2004 Ming Chuan University International Academic Conference:
    Theory and Practice of Applied Language Education
  3. Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies 文化研究 
  4. 第二十一屆中華民國英語文教學國際研討會:英語文教學在台灣-跨時代的英語文師資
    21st International Conference on English Teaching & Learning in R.O.C.: English Teaching & Learning in Taiwan - English Teachers in trans-age
  5. 第二屆以中/英文為第二語言/外語之閱讀與寫作教學研討會
    Second Conference on Second Language/Foreign Language Reading and Writing
Grants & Scholarships
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  • 國科會專題研究計畫申請
    NSC Grant of Research Project
    November 1 ~ December 15, 2003
  • 宋淇翻譯研究論文紀念獎
    Stephen C Soong Translation Studies Award