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  1. 第四屆互動式英語文教學研討會new!
    The 4th Interactive English Teaching Conference 
  2. Fall 2004 TESL Training Conference
    Date: November 6, 2004
    Registration: http://ohstudy.net/2004_Fall_Fair/tesl.htm
  3. 第十二屆英美文學研討會
    The 12th National Conference of English and American Literature Association of R.O.C.
    Date: December 4, 2004
    Registration: http://www.fl.nctu.edu.tw/~amlitconf/ deadline: November 15.
  4. 第一屆輔仁大學創意英語教學學術研討會new!
    The 1st Fu Jen University Creative English Teaching Conference

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  1. Toni Morrison and African American Culture童妮摩里斯與非裔美國文化
    Speaker: Dr. Yuan-Wen Chi, Researcher of Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica 紀元文教授/中央研究院歐美所研究員
    Date: October 2 8, Thursday, 2004. 15:10-17:00
    Place: Room T34, English Department, Providence University
Call for Papers
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  1. 《英美文學評論》第八期
  2. 第五屆文山國際學術研討會
    The 5th Annual Wenshan International Conference on English Language, Literature, and Linguistics
  3. 2005台灣英語教學學術研討會
    2005 Taiwan TESOL International Conference
Grants & Scholarships
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