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  1. 第十三屆英美文學研討會:解/建構主體認同:文化翻譯與文學動力
    13th R.O.C. English and American  Literature Association Conference: (De)Constructing Identities: Cultural Translation and Literary Empowerment
    Date: November 26, 2005
    Venue: Mao-bang Hall, Humanities Building, Tunghai University
    Online registration: http://www2.thu.edu.tw/~flld/EALAconf/home.htm, October 26~Novmeber 16, 2005
  2. 第三屆漢學國際研討會-位格和個人概念在中國與西方:Rolf Trauzettel 教授周圍的波恩漢學學派
    The Third International Sinological Symposium at Fu Jen: The Concept of Person and Individual in China and West: The Bonner School around Prof. Rolf Trauzettel
    Date: November 25~26, 2005
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  1. 人與非人系列演講 Series Speeches on "Human and Non-Human"
    Hosts: English Department, and French Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University
    Date: October 15, 2005~December 17, 2005
Call for Papers
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  1. 《英美文學評論》No. 10, No. 11   
    Deadline: December 1 for No. 10; March 1, 2006 for No. 11.
  2. 中山人文學報 Sun Yat-sen Journal of Humanities No. 22 new!
    Topic: 《藝術與文學的新視界》"Re-Visioning Arts and Literature"
    Deadline: February 28, 2006
Grants & Scholarships
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  1. NSC Research Project 2006  new!
    Deadline: December 20, 2005