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  1. The Third Chinese/English as Second/Foreign Language Reading and Writing Teaching Conference
    Date: May 6-7, 2006
    online registration: http://www.lc.ncu.edu.tw/2006seminar/register.html
  2. 「全語言與閱讀」國際學術研討會
    The International Conference on Whole Language and Reading new!
    Date: May 24-25, 2006
  3. 第二十三屆中華民國英語文教學研究國際研討會-迎接英語教學3C新世代--變化(Changes)、契機(Chances)與挑戰(Challenges)
    The 23rd International Conference on English Teaching and Learning in the Republic of China: Changes, Chances, and Challenges in English Teaching & Learning new!
    Official website: http://www.wtuc.edu.tw/english/conference/
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Call for Papers
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  1. 14th R.O.C English and American Literature Association Conference: Revisiting the Nineteenth Century: The World, the Body, the Text
    Deadline: May 10, 2006 (abstract) 
  2. 第三屆海峽兩岸外語教學研討會
    The 3rd Cross-Strait Conference on  Foreign Languages Teaching and Learning
    Deadline: May 30, 2006 (abstract) 
  3. Tamkang International Conference on Second Language Writing
    Deadline: May 31, 2006 (abstract)
  4. 中山人文學報 Sun Yat-sen Journal of Humanities No. 23 
    Topic: 中國古典文學 Chinese Classical Literature
    Deadline: July 1, 2006
  5. 東華人文學報 Dong Hwa Journal of Humanities  
    Deadline: September 10, 2006 (Vol. 10), February 20, 2007 (Vol. 11)
Grants & Scholarships
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  1. The Sun Yat-Sen Academic Publication Award
    Deadline: June 30, 2006