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English Department Courses Fall, 2003

Introduction to University Studies: Doris Shih
Freshman Composition and Conversation: Sec E: Yun-pi Yuan
Introduction to Linguistics: Yun-pi Yuan & Thomas Nash
English Language Teaching and Learning through Multimedia: Doris Shih
Modern Drama: Self and Society: Cecilia Liu
English Literature I: Cecilia Liu
Literary Criticism: Nature and Gender Kate Liu 
Junior Composition and Conversation:Sec B. Doris Shih, Sec C. Kate Liu
* Teach-and-Learn Workstation: schedule; student response sheet;
* Junior Debate: schedule; student response sheet

Graduate Courses: 

Four Twentieth Century American Poets:Ray Schulte
Selective Readings of Contemporary Literary Theories: Kate Liu

Non-English Department Courses

Foreign Language (English): Alice Lee
Vocabulary and Reading: Quantity Reading (SOCE): Patrice Yang
English Language Learning through Multimedia (SOCE): Doris Shih
Introduction to Linguistics (SOCE): Terri Yueh
English Grammar for Teaching (SOCE): Terri Yueh