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Want to be adventurous?
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Do two things at once--
    In order not to get stuck on the World-Wide-Wait, you can open about three windows at  
    once or read a book, do some writing while waiting for the web sites.

This applies especially in two situations:
    when you use the free account the school gives you;
    when you want to link to a foreign site.

Bookmark, Save or Print--
   To avoid wasting time on searching for the sites you frequently use, either   set Bookmark  
   to those sites, or save important pages on your diskette, or simply print them out.

   在進入該站後,在"Bookmark"項目下選擇"Add Bookmark",

Save the file:
    1.  verbal text: 如有需要轉存網站上的文字, 可在“File”項下選  "Save As”, 但會 
                                  將一些HTML程式一起存入, 將來處 理時需要去除這些程式資料。 另
                                  外如僅片段文字, 可直接用滑鼠選取, 再從“Edit”項下選“Copy”                                ,再 轉貼入文書處理軟體中。

   2. image file: 圖形擷取與利用. 用滑鼠移到該圖案上, 按滑鼠右鍵, 選擇"Save 
                                 Image As"項, 存入磁片中, 供日後在報中 使用。

      以MS Word為例, 在“插入(insert)”選單下選擇“圖片(picuture).

     3. save the whole page:

  • 在File 下,選擇  Edit Page, 就可以進入編輯器 (Composer)。
  • 在編輯器之下存檔,就可以把文字和圖片都存起來。
  • 建議:1。為了避免以後存下來的檔案和別的檔案混起來,先開

  •                     一個新的資料夾再存。
      *To respect internet wisdom right, make it a habit of  keeping the title & address of  the sites  from which you copy or save any verbal or image files for your own use.
Citation of Web materials :
    The basic components

    Author's Lastname, Author's Firstname.  "Title ofDocument."  Title of Complete Work (if applicable).  Version or File Number, if applicable.  Document date or date of  last revision (if different from access date).   Protocol and address, access path or directories (date of  access).

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