< Introduction >

Since lovers' perfumes have become  more and more popular these years.  The advertisements of these perfumes have played a very important role of attracting the consumers.    These ads also try to convey an idea of intimate relationship in between lovers.  In this way, the ads can not only be a reference of purchase but also a messenger of the gender relationship.


< you gotta know >

If you are a perfume lover, then you can never miss all the information we provide here.  Wanna know the history of perfume?  Wanna know the level of the perfume you are using?  Wanna become an expert of perfume?  Just enter here and check it out!

< Armani - D&G >

What ideas do the ads of Armani or D&G convey to you?  Let's see how the authors analyze these two ads for you.

< Escape by CK >

You must have been attracted when you enter the main page and see the lovers stick to each other.  Wanna know more about this advertisement or the perfume?  Don't hesitate and enter here!

< Envy by Gucci - Burberry >

How can you miss the sexy ads of Envy and the intimate Burberry?  Let's see how the author shows you the messages conveyed by these two ads.

< Survey >

Hey!  Among the five ads we provide, which one is your favorite?  Which one conveys most of the feeling between you and your lover?  Wanna know about others' opinions?  Here you go!

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