In order to know how people react to the five ads on our website, our group designs a questionnaire and do a survey on twenty male college students and twenty female college students in Fu Jen University.  Our questions focus on their different reactions to the perfume ads and the different elements that effect them on buying perfumes for couples.

        From the questionnaire, we know that to the twenty female college students, the most impressive one is the D&G ad.  We think that it is because instead of using couple models, it uses eleven naked men and women to be models.  These models・ bodies are so attractive that they can catch the viewer・s eyes immediately.  But to the men, the most impressive one is the Gucci ad while to the women, it is only the second impressive one.  The couple in the Gucci ad is also naked and passionate.  It seems that naked human bodies do leave deep impression in viewer・s mind.

        Although the D&G one to the women is the most impressive, it does not match their taste.  Most of them choose the CK ad as their favorite.  Some say that they choose it because it gives them a comfortable feeling and some just choose it because of the brain.  The men・s favorite one is the D&G ad.  We think it is because that it offers multiple choice in gender relationship, and it uses beautiful models which do attract men a lot. 


        The ad, which can attract most of the men and women to buy its product, is the CK one.  Although both men and women choose to buy the CK perfume, the reasons that effect them to make decision are quite different.  The women consider first the odeur of the perfume, second the design of the bottles, and then the price and the advertisement.  The men consider first their girl friend・s taste, second the price and odeur, and then the brain name.  From this we discover that what effects men・s decision of buying perfume for couples most is their girl friend. 

        Their answers to the question, :when do you buy perfume for couples,; also show the gender difference.  Because we did not provide them answers to choose from, they think of the answer on their own, and we see some funny answers.  For example, one of the men says that he will buy it when he smells bad.  Anyway, most women say that they buy perfume for couples on Valentine・s Day, on their lovers・ birthday, and on Christmas Day.  Most men say that they but it when they have girlfriends and when their girlfriends ask for.  From their answer we can see again that men・s decision is made according to their girlfriends.


       At the end, we ask them which ad can express the feeling between their boyfriend or girlfriend and them most.  Surprisingly, most women choose the Armani ad, which seems to gain no attention in previous questions.  We think that it is because this ad shows the intimacy and interaction between the couple, but not too nakedly.  It shows that women search for spiritual intimacy more than sexual desire.  Most of the men choose the CK one because they just like the feeling and atmosphere created in this ad.  It somehow shows that men nowadays also enjoy letting the women play the active role in their relationship.

        It is really interesting to see how college students in Fu Jen

University react to these five ads on our website.  From answers they

provide, we discover some gender differences on viewing the ads and

also the difference between men and women on making the decision

of buying perfume for couples.  We are glad to have this kind of

chance to do this survey and we all enjoy it very much.