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I S 16, 17; 2 S 11-12.1-15: David: David is the greatest of the kings of the Old Testament, but even he is human and sinful. The story of David's sin wants to show how a sincere man is pleasing to God when he repents. 

1. The story how David was anointed King is told in a very dramatic way. The dramatic form helps to stress the importance of the event. How? try to observe and analyse your own mental and emotional response while you read the story. 

2. Jesse brings seven sons to Samuel. Seven (3+4) is a frequently used number in the Bible. Recall the contexts in which we found this number before. 

3. Consider the character qualities of David and his career from a shepherd to being the greatest Hebrew king. See the map on p.368. Who are the Philistines? The purpose for which Bible stories are told is especially obvious in the story of David's victory over Goliath, a Philistine giant. Explain

4. Music often plays a symbolic function when it is mentioned in literature. Think of what we said about music in the study of Greek Mythology (Apollo, Orpheus) and what we hear in David's story. What does his love for music suggest about his character?

5. The story of David's passion for a woman (2 S 11,12), his acts of injustice and murder, his reaction to the story told by Nathan and his penance show another side of David. Observe your own response to Nathan's story. While reading it, what do you expect that David will say?

TERMS AND NAMES TO REMEMBER: anoint, prophet, seer, repentance, penance, Samuel, David, Philistines, Goliath, Nathan

A translation of the story with study questions: http://www.wels.net/sab/listen/bs-dav-1.html

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