Anton Chekov (1860-1904)

Photo of Anton Pavlovich Chekov


Anton Chekov was born in Taganrog, a commerical town on the Sea of Azov in the southern Russia, on Jan. 29, 1860. He studied medicine in Moscow, where he began writing short humorous stories for journals. Among the greatest of his mature stories are

Short Stories

'A Dreary Story' (1889),

'Ward No. Six' (1892),

'My Life' (1896), 'Ionych'

The trilogy

'The Man in a Case', 'Gooseberries', and 'About Love' (all 1898),

'The Lady with the Little Dog' (1899).


Platonov (1978-81) On the Highroad (1884) The Swan Song (1888)

On the Harmfulness of Tobacco (1886-1903) Ivanov (1887)

The Marriage Proposal (1890) The Tragedian in Spite of Himself (1889)

The Anniversary (1891) The Sea Gull (1896) Uncle Vanya (1899)

The Three Sisters (1901) The Cherry Orchard (1904)


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Photo of Anton Pavlovich Chekov

Photo of Anton Pavlovich Chekov

Scene from Cherry Orchard

Scene from Cherry Orchard

Scene from Cherry Orchard