Telecommunications Project with Texas A & M University

Fu-Jen University Contact Person:
Ms. Doris Shih


Texas A&M Contact person:
Ms. Gina Chen


Enright (1991) has pointed out that foreign language learners learn language and culture if instruction is facilitated by supportive individualized learning activities that address the learner's current language and literacy capacities. Using electronic mediums to teach and learn cultures is becoming a trend. In this project, you are given an opportunity to physically experience the individualized online learning with a native speaker so you would know the pros and cons of the online

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E Guidelines

項目符號 Project Guideline file
項目符號 Article for Reading (Shih & Cifuentes, 2001)
項目符號 Reflective Journal template (bi-weekly journal: source by Gina Chen); Sample Journal


E Taiwanese Students
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E US Tutors
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E Activity Sheets

項目符號 3/28 in class activity file
項目符號         Model
項目符號 5/2 in class activity file

E Project and Software Links

項目符號 AOL Instant Messanger (AIM)
項目符號 MSN Instant Messanger (MSN IM)
項目符號 Yahoo Instant Messanger (Yahoo IM)
項目符號 GAIM software download (A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client)

GAIM software tutorial (source: by Gina Chen)