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Composition 1.1
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When :Titanic; Meets :Deep Rising;

     If we will choose a movie which is the most expensive, the most famous, the most popular, the most touching and the most successful over the last half of the year, I think the answer will almost be :Titanic.; Speaking of this movie, we merely can describe it as a miracle. It enjoys success that is beyond everyone・s expectation in the beginning. For many film reviewers, they don・t look highly of it at all. They think it can・t make both ends meet. For the director, James Cameron, himself, he worries much about it, too. For it has taken him too much time and cost a lot of money to finish the job. In order to make up the shortage of money, he is even willing to give up his salary and bonus. He cares nothing about other people・s words and just does what he wants. Then, the outstanding performance worldwide explains everything. He makes it. In Taiwan, this movie also forms a big current and establishes many new records. For example, from its first showing until now, it has accumulated hundreds of millions dollars. It goes through a hundred of million dollars with twelve days, which is not during summer or winter vacation. (Jurassic Park reaches the goal with nine days in summer vacation. ) At midnight of December 24, seven hundred of people objected that they couldn・t get the tickets of Titanic. In order to make them calm down, the theater promised to add the numbers. Its original soundtrack also becomes the hottest record during those days. In many stores, it is also in short supply. You can hear the theme song everywhere, such as in the stores, in the cars, on the radio or even on the campus. Besides, a lot of related products are produced to follow the fashion. For instance, there are clothes, cups, hats, watches, key chains, bags, notebooks or :the heart of the ocean.;

:This time, Titanic doesn・t bump into the iceberg, butK; It is the advertisement of the movie, :Deep Rising.; What is :Deep Rising?; When it comes to this film, most of the people may not be so familiar with. To explain it with simple words, it can be said as the combination of :Titanic; and :Alien.; In this film, the focus is on a monster. It is composed of the legs of octopus, the jellyfish・s body and the head of anemone. It eats everyone but the main male and female actor in the ship. Compared with Titanic, it becomes less romantic but more bloody. If it were true that Titanic hits the monster, what would be the consequence?

      Rose and her family were walking toward the greatest ship with a lot of people roaring around them. The atmosphere was so happy and joyful. But in Rose・s mind, she felt nothing interesting at all. She knew clearly that this dreamy ship was like a jail and would send her back to America. Then, we turn the focus to another scene. Jack was gambling with his friend in a small tavern. He said to his opponents proudly, :ha, what will be your next stake? I have won for three times.; One of his opponents said, :I don・t believe I can・t win. Look! Here are two tickets for Titanic. If you still prevail over me, I will give them to you.; Jack said, :It・s a deal. No problem.; Some time later, a cheerful sound was heard. :I get it! I get it!; Jack was shouting. :Hurry up! Let・s go! The ship is going to leave. Let・s go! Let・s go to America, the most beautiful country in the world.; With everyone・s praise, blessing and dream, the ship starts its journey. But at this moment, nobody knows what was waiting in front of him or her. They didn・t perceive the step of danger is coming toward them. On the deck, Jack still immersed in his happiness and called, :Do you see the Statue of Liberty? Oh, how wonderful it is! I am the king of the world.;

One day in the afternoon, Jack met Rose. He was so surprised with her appearance. In his mind, he thought, :What a beautiful girl she is!; Rose was lying on a couch and didn・t notice Jack; therefore, Jack started to sketch her. A few minutes later, Rose found him and asked, :What are you doing?; :I am sketching.; Jack replied. :Who is the model?; :You.; :Me?; :Right.; :Are you a painter?; :You may count.; :Could I see it?; :Wait for a minute. I haven・t finished yet.; After seeing his work, Rose was shocked. She said to Jack, :You are so great. You are a genius.; :Thank you for your admiration.; he said. :Oh, Jack. I think I have fallen in love.; :Really?; :Would you like to come to my room tonight? We can talk more about paintings.; :I would be there on time.;

At that day・s night, while Jack and Rose sat on the bed and started to kiss, a huge sound occurred. A lot of people were screaming and howling. But after a few minutes, everything was calm down. Jack and Rose felt strange and were curious about it. As a result, they opened the door and went to see what happened. There was nobody on the corridor but blood everywhere. Rose was so frightened. She held jack・s arm tightly and asked, :What・s going on, Jack? Where is everyone? What does the blood mean?; :I don・t know. It seems that something very terrible has happened.; Jack said. Suddenly, they saw a wriggly and slippery thing in front of them. :What・s that?; rose asked. :I have no idea!; Jack responded. When the object perceived their temperature, it turned and attacked them quickly. It opened it・s mouth which there were still many pieces of man・s bodies in it and wanted to swallow them. :Oh, my god! Jack! I can・t believe it!; Rose was so afraid and couldn・t move. :Run! Rose. Run!; Jack cried out. :Don・t look back! Run! Hold me!; He held her hands and ran to the deck. :The ship has occupied by the monster, Rose.; :What are we going to do?; :Jump to the sea. Jump! Rose!; :Jump to the sea? But, Jack, we will be frozen to death!; :It・s better than we stay here. We may have the chance to survive.; :Oh, Jack, I love you.; :I love you, too, Rose.; After finishing this word, he pushed Rose to the sea suddenly. While Rose fell to the sea, she heard Jack・s voice, :Promise me, Rose. Never give up! You can survive. I will bless you.; When Rose turned her face, she saw that Jack・s leg has been bit by the monster. Soon, he was gone.

:No, Jack, noK; Rose・s voice floated in the cold air.

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