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  This year course is designed to help the students function orally in different situations of life and the international community.  We shall cover a wide range of topics (personal, social, political, economical, environmental, etc.), explore issues local and international, and practice different modes of communication (e.g. panel discussions, role-playing, news casting, debating, briefing, etc.).  Beside the in-class conversation practices, students are encouraged to access to our class on the web and practice expressing themselves about current issues.  The design of the conversation activities is done in hope that the topics, themes and activities shall lead to students' writing practice and ultimately perfect their overall command of English.
In terms of composition, this course is designed to achieve the following goals.  
1.It is meant to reinforce students' mastery of the writing modes learned in the freshman year (i.e. Narration, Description, Comparison and Contrast).  
2.It aims at introducing students the techniques of researching and report writing: note-taking (quoting, summarizing, paraphrasing), synthesizing (organizing, outlining, thesis writing), proper introduction, conclusion, transition, and documentation.  This shall prepare them to compose a formal, grammatical and well-organized report in the second semester.  
3.Finally, a Class Magazine project will be conducted throughout the semester to give students a sense of publication. As students write for composition 1 and 2, it shall be kept in mind that someone, not only the teacher, will be reading their compositions.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that whatever the students write for the composition assignment, it shall be integrated with the group's Class Magazine design.  It is to be stressed, though, that in this project, we are looking for writing of the best quality.                                                                                                                      Back