Criteria for Magaaine Evaluation
        Sophomores' Conversation & Composition
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The following are guidelines to keep in mind when preparing oral and written evaluations your assigned magazine.  Your written evaluation should include all your comments, while the oral one should pinpoint only the essential.  Please save points marked with a star  for your written evaluations.  Other issues, marked with a #, would be good to address in your oral evaluation, or you might want to raise some issues not mentioned here.  Use your judgement and make your commentary interesting.

* Make sure cover: has no pictures, includes at least  a title, the composition teacher's name, and the date.
* Is there a table of contents including the names of articles, names of writers, and page numbers?
* Does the magazine include two articles (each at least three pages long) by each group member?
# Are all the articles clearly related to the magazine topic?

# The most important aspect of the magazine is the quality of the writing.  Is the writing clear, engaging, and imaginative?
# What is the most interesting sentence in the magazine and why? What is the best example of word choice and why? What vocabulary did you learn?
* Published writing should be polished and contain no errors of grammar, usage, or spelling whatsover.  Check writing for the following:
missing words
noun-pronoun agreement
subject-pronoun agreement
verb tense and tense agreement
use of a/an/the
correct its/it's
run-on sentences
sentence fragaments
dangling modifiers
                    ( e.g., Flying over the building, the babe pointed at the airplane.[Did the baby fly?])
vocabulary (word-choice) errors
* Do any articles that appear to rely on ourside sources cite those sources?  Are sources cited properly using MLA style?
Layout an dGraphics:
# Is the layout neat and orderly
* Make sure the magazine contains no more than one graphic borrowed from an outside source, and that the source of any such graphic is cited.
# Are the graphics interesting and relevant?
# What did you learn from reading the magazine?  What did you find most interesting about the topic?  What article was the most interesting or enjoyable for you?
# Are there any other subjects related to the magazine topic( but not included in this magazine ) that you would like to read about?
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