Vocabulary of the Week 
Sophomores' Conversation & Composition
Fall, 1998
Issue1. Vocabulary on Disasters
Issue 2. Vocabulary on Tourism            
Vocabulary  Exercise    
Issue 1. Vocabulary on disasters
  • 1.mansion's construction firm: the building company
     He promised the mansion's construction firm would take responsibility for the landslide. 
  • 2.haphazardly: casually
     The foundations were haphazardly built might lead to the collapse of the buildings.  
  •  3.excavate: dig
     Rescuers continued excavating the side of the storm's worst disaster.
  • 4.excavation: noun for the excavate
     Excavation work continued at a vast hillside apartment. 
  •  5.hurl through: hit
     Typhoon hurled through northern Taiwan on Monday.
  •  6.topple: collapse, crash, and fall over
     A landslide toppled the security wall.
  • 7.trigger: lead to 
     The heavy rain triggered a landslide.
  •  8.debris: rubble
     Squads of soldiers took turns drilling and removing debris to search for the victims. 
Issue 2. Vocabulary on Tourism
1. Youth hostel  
2. B&B (bed and breakfast)  
3. Motel  
4. Hotel  
5. Resort  

1. Airport- (a) Customs (b) Stewardess (flight attendant) (c) aircraft commander (d)  
           Passport (e) visa (entry visa, transit visa) (f) Transit passenger (g) Ground crew (h) Check 
in (i) Duty free shop (j) Luggage trolley (k) On-board computer (l) Runway  
2. Departure lounge  
3. Railroad Station- (a) Ticket collector (b) Platform (c) Ticket/booking office (d) Ticket barrier 
(e) Turnstile  
5. Express (train)  
6. Jumbo jet  
7. Others on sea-(a) Canoe Schooner (b) yacht (c)  
supertanker (d) ferry  
8. Camel  
9. Helicopter  
10. Charter  
11. Dugout  
12. Turbo jet 

Alternative Types of Vacation   
1. Package vacation  
2. Backpack travel  
3. Intercontinental destination/long-haul destination  
4. Adventure vacation- (a). Trek (b). Safari (c). Track gorillas (d). Expedition (e) Sail or  
5. Study tour  
6. Exploratory vacation- (a). Cultural tour (b). Wildlife tour (c). Adventure  
tour (d). Discover offbeat archaeological sites.  
7. Traditional vacations  
8. Others- (a) Whale-Watching tours (b) Bird Watching tours (c) Hitch-Hiking  
Travel Industry   
1. The tourist association  
2. Tourist boom  
3. The tourist industry  
4. Tourism project 
Vocabulary on Tourism--produced by Amy, Lawrence, Teresa, and Maggie 
  • 1. Trip: A journey that you make to a place and back again. 
  • 2. Travel: Going from one place to another often to a place far away. 
  • 3. Journey: Travel from one place to another(formal use) 
  • 4. Tour:    (a) Organized trip ??e.g. a The study tour. b. A band is on a tour. c. The musician is  on a tour. 

  • (b) A journey during which you visit many places that interest you.    (c) A short trip that make around a place.  
  • 5. Cruise: a holiday during which you travel on a ship or boat and visit a number of   places. 

  • 6. Voyage: a long journey on a ship or in a spacecraft.  
Vocabulary Exercise: 
     Many people in Taiwan now have more and more leisure time to enjoy their lives.  
Young people may choose to become backpackers or take semi self-assistant trips.  
They will go white water rafting in a dugout or a canoe, for instance, or they will try to 
complete a journey by hitch-hiking.   However, some  people prefer safe journeys.  
They may often pick package vacations and before their journey, they will consult  
with the travel agent.   And most of them tend to visit the same famous resorts.  
  Group Members: Gina, Lily & Eric 
A Cruise on River Thames 
   We have planned to go on a river cruise on the River Thames when we go to London next 
summer.  We went to consult a travel agent and chose a seven-day package vacation in 
London for our trip. The travel agent gave us the itinerary, and offered us cheap cut-price 
tickets for flights to London.  Besides, in order to save money, instead of staying at the 
hotel, we would like to stay at the youth hostels. We are looking froward to the cruise to 
avoid the congestion on the land in London.  
 Written by Lynx, Janet, Cicily, and Sophie