Dylan's Lyrics and other Writings:
"The Book of Bob" at The Funny Little World of Jim Roemer contains lyrics for most of Dylan's songs, as well as some of his poetry and other writings.
Live Aid 85

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Again the 98 Grammies

1. Walkin' Down the Line the song
2. Down the Highway the song
3. Black Crow Blues the song
4. She Belongs to Me the song
5. Outlaw Blues the song
6. Sitting on a Barbed-Wire Fence the song
7. Obviously Five Believers the song
8. Down in the Flood the song
9. Long-Distance Operator the song
10. Meet Me in the Morning the song
11. New Pony the song
12. Gonna Change My Way of Thinking the song


**The photos above are from Bob Dylan: Inner Vision.