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Spring 1998

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    Welcome back to our study of American and British literature!  This semester we will have the same basic course policies and objectives as last semester.  Once again you will be expected to regularly contribute to classroom discussions, make oral presentations, write weekly reading journals, complete three exams, create and present to the class a literature homepage, and do various other assignments related to our readings. 

    Again this semester our class will be web-assisted so that we can go beyond the walls and boundaries of the traditional classroom.  By using the web, you will have access to many helpful sites about literature on the World Wide Web; you will be able to freely discuss with your classmates and me the literature that we will read for class; and you will receive specific and helpful instructions and materials that relate to the poems, novel, and play we will read. 


    As you know already, I expect you to attend every class session and to come prepared.  Attendance will be taken each class throughout the term.  If you miss more than three classes, your final grade for the course will be lowered.  Please remember: if you are not present, you cannot participate, and participation is necessary in this class.  I expect you to come on time and ready to work.   Coming late to class will lower your final grade. 


    Our basic textbook for this class is the eleventh edition of An Introduction to Literature, edited by Sylvan Barnet, Morton Berman, William Burto, and William E. Cain.  We will also be reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.  To help you understand terms and ideas related to literature, you will also need a copy of The Harper Handbook to Literature (second edition).  Besides these texts, we will also have additional reading materials available either on our class website or on handouts. 

Reading Journals

    Each week you will be expected to write a journal in which you respond to the reading assignment for that week.  The journals are your chance to give your personal response and understanding of the literature we read.  You may want to present your thoughts about the text, questions that you have, and the results of visiting relevant web sites (at least ONE entry).  You are required to write at least three journal entries online.  If you respond online to other students' online journals, you will receive credit.   I will not accept late journals. 

Grading Policy

1.) Reading Journals, homepage, and participation (30%) 
2.) Poetry exam (20%) 
3.) Novel exam (20%) 
4.) Final exam (30%) 


    Presenting other people's work as though it were your own is a serious mistake.   Plagiarism--whether intentional or unintentional--is not acceptable and will severely lower your grade.  It is essential that you do your own work for this class. 

Tentative Calendar 

Feb.  24    Introductions;  reading poems 
Feb.  26    Victorian Monologues 

Mar. 3    Victorian Monologues 
Mar. 5    Romantic Poetry Mar. 10    Eighteenth Century Poems Mar. 12    Eighteenth Century Poems
Mar. 17    Seventeenth Century Poetry  Mar. 19    Seventeenth Century Poetry
Mar. 24    Sixteenth Century Poetry: Shakepspeare Mar. 26    Anonymous Medieval Lyrics and Ballads 

Mar. 31    No Class: Spring Break 
April  2     No Class: Spring Break 

         7      Poetry Exam 
         9      Wuthering Heights (chaps 1-9; pp. 3-76)

         14      Wuthering Heights (chaps 10-14; pp. 77-130)
         16      First group homepage

         21      Wuthering Heights (chaps 15-20; pp. 130-176)
         23      Second group homepage

         28      Wuthering Heights (chaps 21-26; pp. 177-220) 
         30      Third group homepage

May   5      Wuthering Heights (chaps 27-34; pp. 221-82)
          7      Fourth group homepage

         12      Wuthering Heights Conclusion
         14      Fifth group homepage

         19      Novel Review 
         21      Novel Exam 

         26      Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 1-3

June  2      Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 4-6
         4 Sixth group homepage

         9      Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 7-11
         11 Seventh group homepage

         18      Final Exam 

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