Research and Bibliography; Course Fall, 1999


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Selected from the journal page of the Voice of the Shuttle; Electronic Journals are marked with ;
the others are journals' websites (which usually have table of contents and general introduction)
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General -- Genres Periods Individual Authors
Postcolonial Studies Gender and Queer Studies Theoretical and Cultural Studies
Comparative Literature & Interdisciplinary Studies Other Subjects; Film Collections of Journals on different fields

The Journals We've Found Useful
(collected by the graduate students in the course Fall, 1999)

General: Periods: Genres: Postcolonial Studies
(Ethnic Groups or Geographic Areas): Gender
and Queer Studies Theoretical
and Cultural Studies: Comparative Literature
and Interdisciplinary Studies: Other Subjects:
Film Studies
   Applied Semiotics/Semiotique appliquee Full-text e-journal: no. 1 (March 1996)+
  • Canadian Journal of Film Studies Table of Contents & Abstracts : v. 5:1 (Spring 1996)+; Complete table of contents and author/title index: v. 1:1 (1990)+
  • Cineaste Selected full-text articles/reviews: current issue only
  •   CineMagaziNet  ON-LINE RESEARCH JOURNAL OF CINEMA (partly English and Partly Japanese)
      Cinema Journal Full text: v. 39:1 (Fall 1999)+
      Film and History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television StudiesFull-text: current issue only; index: v. 1:1 (1971)+ ; entire contents v. 1(1971)-26(1996) available on CD-ROM at Robarts Library, 4th flr. reference.
  • Film Comment Sample articles: May-June 1996+
  • Film-Historia Table of contents: v. 5:1 (1995)+
  • Film QuarterlyTable of contents: v. 48:2 (winter 1994-95)+
  • Journal of Religion and FilmFull-text e-journal: v. 1:1 (Spring 1997)+
  • Jump Cut, A Review of Contemporary Media Table of contents: no. 1 (1974)+
  •   KINEMA, a Journal of History, Theory and Aesthetics of Film and Audiovisual MediaFull-text: 1993-96; selected articles: 1997+
  • Literature/Film Quarterly Table of contents only: v. 1 (1973)+
  • Millennium Film Journal Table of contents: no.1 (winter 1977-78)+; author index
  • OctoberTable of contents: no. 70 (fall 1994)+; searchable indexes
  • PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art Full text: v. 18:1 (Jan. 1996)+
  • Screen Table of contents and index: v. 37:1 (Spring 1996)+; searchable by keyword/subject
  • Sight and SoundTable of Contents: May 1991+
  • SubstanceFull text: v. 28:2 (1999)+ interdisciplinary, on art, film, literature, etc.
  • The Velvet Light Trap Table of contents: no. 33 (Spring 1994)+
    •   Wide Angle Full text: v. 18:1 (1996)+

      Art and Aesthetics

    Individual Authors: