Department of English Language & Literature
Fu Jen Catholic University
A comedy in three acts.
Director: Pr. Cecilia Liu
Date: 18 / 19 / 20 December, 1997
Place: CFL Theater of Fu-Jen University
Admission Free
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Introduction to the Play
(in order of appearance)
Edith........................................Joanne Shieh Á¨ÎÅt
Ruth Condomine................... Eliza Lin          ªLªé©É
Charles Condomine............. Kevin Chen     ³¯«ä§»
Dr. Bradman.......................... Sean Yeh       ¸­¬¯¦÷
Mrs. Bradman........................ Nancy Lin       ªL²Q®S
Madame Arcati...................... Julia Shieh     Á¨Øæ¢
Elvira....................................... Belinda Ma    °¨°û¦p
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Introduction to the Play
It's a simple story.  Ruth and Charles Condom'me are entertaining Dr. and Mrs. Bradman at dinner at their house 'in Kent, and have invited Madame Arctii to hold a seance.  During the seance, Madame Arcati inadvertently summons the ghost of Charles' first wife, Elvira, who turns out to be a lustrously sensuous and beautiful woman bent on mischief. Ruth Condomine is not amused, and in fact is furious.  She demands that Madame Arcati get rid of the capricious ghost, But Madame Arcati has no idea how she got Elvira there in the first place.  When Elvira tampers with Charles' car, which Ruth drives, Charles ends up with two ghostly shrews. 
At the close of the play, with the help of Madame Arcati and Edith, Ruth and Elvira gradually dematerialize.  But can Charles free himself from his wives?  Will they leave him forever?
The action of this play takes place in the living 
room of Charles Condomine's house in Kent.
Act I 
Scene 1. Before dinner on a summer evening. 
Scene 2. After dinner. 
Act II 
Scene 1. The next morning. 
Scene 2. Late the following afternoon. 
Scene 3. Early evening. A few days later.
Act III 
Scene 1. After dinner. A few days later. 
Scene 2. Several hours later.
Snapshots from Play
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Summery of the play
Act I 
Ruth and Charles Condomine, a novelist, prepare for a seance which is to furnish material for his next book.  While waiting, Ruth jealously questions her husband about his first wife, who died seven years ago.  The guests arrive: Dr. and Mrs. Bradman, and the medium, Madame Arcati.  After dinner, Madame Arcati prepares to summon her contact, a child who died long ago.  The seance, through thrilling and funny, seems to be fruitless.  Then, after their guests leave, Elvira, Charles’ first wife, appears-- audible and visible only to Charles.
Act II 
At breakfast the next morning, Ruth and Charles are bickering.  To prove his sanity, Charles asks Elvira to move some objects around.  At last Ruth realizes that Elvira is there.  Later she summons Madame Arcati to exorcise Elvira, but the medium admits that she is unable to get rid of her and leaves in a huff when Ruth angrily reveals the motive of inviting her the night before.  A few days later, both Charles and the maid are injured by accidents which, Ruth suspects, are caused by Elvira.  When Elvira hears that Ruth has driven off, she panics; expecting Charles to be the next driver of the car, she has tampered with it.  The telephone rings, and Charles is informed that Ruth has been killed in a car accident.  The act ends with Ruth’s return-- as a ghost.
Act III 
A few days later, Madame Arcati calls on Charles and offers a formula to dematerialize Elvira, but it does not work.  Some hours later, Madame Arcati shakes the crystal ball, sees a white bandage, and understands the situation when Edith, the hypnotized servant, appears: she possessed the psychic power to materialize the wives.  With the help of Madame Arcati and Edith, Ruth and Elvira gradually dematerialize.  But can Charles free himself from his wives?  Will they leave him forever?
Snapshots from Play
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