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As you like it (Kenneth Branagh)

DVD eng/ 822.3/B816/W052116V

If you think stuffy old Shakespeare could be livened up with some ninjas, Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein) has heard your call. Adapter/director Branagh has set the pastoral comedy As You Like It in feudal Japan, where the characters are still British (they live in a community established by Western merchants) but now have reason to dress up in lush Japanese fabrics and engage in sumo wrestling. Due to a feud between two noble brothers, Rosalind (Bryce Dallas Howard, The Village) is banished and ends up disguised as a man in a nearby forest. There she tests the faith of her beloved (and also banished) Orlando (David Oyelowo, MI-5), who can't recognize her because she looks like a Dickensian ragamuffin. Meanwhile, a variety of other star-crossed lovers romp around the forest and zen gardens, sparring about love and melancholy. Branagh, never a subtle director, takes every opportunity to squeeze in slapstick and action (like the aforementioned ninjas), but he also keeps the language clear and the movie is beautiful to look at. The strong cast includes Kevin Kline (who previously frolicked in a movie adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream), Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2, Frida), Romola Garai (I Capture the Castle, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights), and Adrian Lester (Hustle, Love's Labors Lost).

As You Like It (Paul Czinner)

DVD eng/ 822.3/C998/

A real treasure from the archives, this sees a young Laurence Olivier take on the role of Orlando in Shakespeare's popular comedy of entangled love affairs, cross-dressing and delightful wordplay. Even at this early stage, Olivier dominates his scenes, although Elisabeth Bergner's strong Austrian accent and wooden delivery hampers things somewhat. Still, a fascinating example of an early Shakespeare "talkie", with camerawork by Jack Cardiff and editing by David Lean.
As You Like It  (BBC) (1)(2)


Kenneth Branagh brings Shakespeare to the masses for a fifth time with As You Like It. It's a whimsical tale of lovers getting their stars and wires cross'd, but it lacks the zip and exuberance of his similarly themed 1993 adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. Uprooting the Forest of Arden from France to 19th century Japan feels merely like set dressing and, although Bryce Dallas Howard is nicely poised in the lead role, this feels like a roundabout ramble in woods.

William Shakespeare: As You Like It

DVD eng/ 8L22.3 S532

Thea Sharrock's irresistible new production of Shakespeare's popular romantic comedy stirs wit, sentiment, intrigue and love into a charming confection which challenges the traditional rules of romance. At its heart, a feisty but feminine Rosalind (Naomi Frederick), in love with the endearingly nave Orlando (Jack Laskey), uses her disguise as Ganymede to counsel him playfully in the art of wooing. Distraction is provided by Dominic Rowan, a remarkably funny Touchstone, and Tim McMullan, whose sonorous tones are perfectly suited to the lugubrious wit of Jaques. Filmed in High Definition and true surround sound.
Antony and Cleopatra (BBC) (1)(2)EV/822/018B01 In 1978, the BBC set itself the task of filming all of William Shakespeare's plays for television. The resulting productions, renowned for their loyalty to the text, utilised the best theatrical and television directors and brought great performances from leading contemporary actors. Mark Anthony, one of the three rulers of the Roman Empire, commands the eastern Mediterranean. Despite his infatuation with Cleopatra Queen of Egypt, he has to return to Rome. As his fellow ruler Octavius schemes, Mark Anthony rejoins Cleopatra and driven by blind passion, they confront the mighty empire. Themes of ambition, power, love, friendship and deception - laced with a fascinating portrait of self -destructive passion to fuel Shakespeare's romantic tragedy.

Antony and Cleopatra (Charlton Heston) (1)(2)


Charlton Heston worked very hard in "Anthony and Cleopatra" an adaptation of Shakespeare scripted by himself. Heston is the director too, and the movie is a wonderful experience of filmmaking, a true labour of love, with some fault, perhaps, but full of energetic sequences. a story of love, passion and death. Heston knows very well the Shakespeare original, and he express in the screen all the strenght , all the fascination of the shakesperian text. "Anthony and Cleopatra" was filmed in Spain , with a marvellous soundtrack and a great camera work. Heston is superb in the title role.  --Amazon

Antony and Cleopatra (Jon Scoffield)

DVD eng/ 822.3/S421/

Richard Johnson stars as Marc Antony and Janet Suzman is Cleopatra in this Royal Shakespeare Company production of Shakespeare's play. Also stars Patrick Stewart and Ben Kingsley in supporting roles.
Antony & Cleopatra (Charlton Heston)

DVD eng/ 822.3/H588/

Charleton Heston directed, wrote, and starred in this adaptation of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, a historical drama that attempts to bring an epic visual style to the Bard's original stage play. The story concerns Marc Antony's attempts to rule Rome while maintaining a relationship with the queen of Egypt (Hildegarde Neil), which began while Antony was still married. Now he is being forced to marry the sister of his Roman co-leader, and soon the conflict leads to war.
All's Well That Ends Well (BBC)

As You Like It (to be continued) (1)(2)(3)(4)


Winning both Bafta and RTS awards, this was considered one of the best of the BBC Shakespeare adaptations, with both its cast and its magnificent framing receiving great acclaim.

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Cymbeline (BBC) (1)(2)


Cymbeline, the King of Britain is angry that his daughter Imogen has chosen the low-born Posthumus as her husband. As the Queen tries to force Imogen to marry her own son, Posthumus flees to Rome, where his 'friend' Iachimo sets out to prove that the pure Imogen will betray him. One of Shakespeare's final plays, this production was celebrated by the New York Times.  --Amazon

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Edward II


The King of England finds his throne in peril when he brings his lover, Gaveston, enraging the current queen who goes on a rampage of vengeance.  --Amazon

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Hamlet, son of the king of Denmark, is summoned home for his father's funeral and his mother's wedding to his uncle. In a supernatural episode, he discovers that his uncle, whom he hates anyway, murdered his father. In an incredibly convoluted plot--the most complicated and most interesting in all literature--he manages to (impossible to put this in exact order) feign (or perhaps not to feign) madness, murder the "prime minister," love and then unlove an innocent whom he drives to madness, plot and then unplot against the uncle, direct a play within a play, successfully conspire against the lives of two well-meaning friends, and finally take his revenge on the uncle, but only at the cost of almost every life on stage, including his own and his mother's.  --IMDb
Henry IV  (BBC) (1)(2)


Shakespeare is rightly considered the world's greatest playwright for the soaring beauty of his language, for his profound insight into human nature, for truths he dramatized and for the realism of the characters he created. He was, and remains, a superb entertainer. Featuring some of Britain's most distinguished theatrical talent: Derek Jacobi, Sir John Gielgud, Charles Gray, Jon Finch, Martin Shaw, David Gwillim and Anthony Quayle, and many more. DVD brings out the rich beauty in the acting and sound. The English language subtitles allow viewers to correctly understand the rapid fire of the beautiful language of William Shakespeare.
Henry IV Part I  (BBC / TIME -LIFE)

822.3 Am496-1 DVDe

The boisterous Falstaff leads Prince Hal, the heir to the throne, through London's lowlife taverns. While the young prince wastes his youth a civil war threatens the monarchy. When the battle of Shrewsbury results, Prince Henry redeems himself at last.

Henry IV Part II  (BBC / TIME -LIFE)

822.3 Am496-2 DVDe

A panorama of Medieval English life where the passage of time brings the older generations closer to the grave, and the young closer to leadership. The play ends with the death of Henry IV, the banishment of Falstaff and the coronation of Pronce Hal as Henry V.
Henry V (BBC / TIME -LIFE)

822.3 Am496-5 DVDe

In the third play portraying England's most admired national hero, Henry V unites his people, invades France, deals with traitors and cements the peace by marrying the Princess of France. The play examines the qualities that make a ruler successful and also the isolation and responsibility that leadership entails.
Henry V (1)(2)


After the Chorus introduces the play, young king of England Henry V begins an angry dialogue with King Charles of France. The king's son, Dauphin, insults Henry and the argument escalates into war. In flashback, Henry is seen as a young man drinking in a tavern with Falstaff, Bardolph, Nym, Pistol, and Mistress Quickly. Meanwhile, Henry and his captain, Fluellen, assemble an army and invade France. The French greatly outnumber the British troops, yet Henry leads them to victory in the Battle of Agincourt after delivering his famous St. Crispin's Day Speech. Throughout this struggle, Henry also courts Katherine and eventually wins her over.

Henry V



This play celebrates one of history’s most astounding military upsets, the English victory over the French at Agincourt during the Hundred Years’ War. Except for a few interludes of comic relief, the action proceeds with no subplots or other complications.
Henry V - Criterion Collection (1946)

DVD/822/3L 379

Based on one the most popular historical plays by Shakespeare and made in order to boost moral of British troops during WW2, this movie is about English king Henry V and his military campaign in France in 1415.

Starring: Leslie Banks, Felix Aylmer Director: Laurence Olivier

Henry VIII (1)(2)


King Henry VIII is a shrewd but ruthless ruler who is determined to sire a male heir who will succeed him on the throne. However, his wife, Catherine of Aragon, after numerous attempts, is only able to bear him a daughter, so the king takes a mistress, Anne Boleyn, in hopes she will give him a son. Anne Boleyn cleverly insists that she must wed the king if they are to have a child, and when the Catholic Church forbids Henry's request for a divorce, the king responds by forming his own denomination, the Church of England, which he will oversee himself. One of the king's most trusted advisers, Cardinal Wolsey attempts to convince Henry that this is folly; Henry sentences him to death, and sends him to the Tower of London to await his sentence. Despite these machinations, Anne Boleyn is unable to give Henry the son he wants, and the king decides she will pay with her life for this failing. As Henry becomes increasingly ruthless in his dealings with those close to him -- as well as other nations -- he leaves a bloody wake as he uses beheading as his favored means of dealing with troublesome wives and untrustworthy allies.

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 J ---
Julius Caesar




A Joseph L. Mankiewicz's movie , with five Academy Award Niminations, based on an adaptation of a Shakespeare's Play Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar (1)(2)


As Rome's greatest emperor, Caesar holds absolute dominion over the conquered world. But his jealous rivals in the Roman senate wish to rob his power...by taking his life. A violent death that will divide the empire's ruling forces and ignite an epic war for honor, vegeance and ultimate power!

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King Lear (Laurence Oliver) (1)

822.3 Ol48k-1 Ve

King Lear (Laurence Oliver) (2)

822.3 Ol48k-2 Ve

Shakespeare's tragedy, made for British television, is given a full-blooded rendition here with the great Laurence Olivier in the title role and a stellar cast to support him, in the tale of a king torn apart by the ambition and treachery within his family and by his own pride.  --Mark Hockley, All Movie Guide
King Lear (Jonathan Miller) (1)

822.3 M647-1 Ve

King Lear (Jonathan Miller) (2)

822.3 M647-2 Ve

The story tells of Lear, a king of Albion in the time before Merlin, who reaching a great age decides to retire and split his kingdom amongst his three daughters: Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. Cordelia is the youngest and best-loved, though she is not yet married, and Lear has set aside the largest portion of his lands for her. Before handing out the land, Lear asks his daughters to tell him how much they love him, and Goneril and Regan fall over themselves in praise. Cordelia finds this distasteful and refuses to say other than she loves him as a daughter should. Enraged, Lear banishes Cordelia who is taken as wife by the King of France. The other daughters immediately conspire to install themselves in power and rid themselves of Lear. Meanwhile, the Duke of Gloucester's illegitimate son Edmund plans to steal his brother Edgar's inheritance by framing him as a traitor and playing him off against his father.
King Lear : Fear and Loathing (experimental theater)

800 K52 Ve

This production of film mixes up with Shakespeare's idea of King Lear and the thoughts of the modern world. The way of production traces the post-modern and meta-drama concept of life and philosophy.
King Lear , William Shakespeare's


This 1916 silent version of the Shakespeare classic is fully restored. It stars stage actor Frederick Warde as King Lear himself and features a fresh soundtrack.

Great Performances: King Lear

DVD eng/ 82L2.3 N972k

Sir Ian McKellen, Frances Barber, Monica Dolan, Romola Garai. Fine performances fill this Royal Shakespeare Company version of the Bard's classic tragedy about an aging monarch. Lear divides his kingdom between two of this three daughters who only pretend to love him for his favor, while he banishes the third who does love him but speaks her peace.

King Lear

DVD eng/  822.3 D246

When King Lear decides to step down from his throne, he decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters with tragic results.

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Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour's Lost: Globe Theatre

DVD eng/ 822.3 D786l

The King of Navarre and his friends think that they cannot love again. When the Princess of France and her attendants arrive for a visit, their plans are completely turned upside down.

Measure for Measure (Desmond Davis) (BBC) (1)

822 D261-1 Ve

Measure for Measure (Desmond Davis) (BBC) (2)

822 D261-2 Ve

The strict Angelo is left in charge of Vienna when the Duke pretends to leave town. Reviving an old law, Angelo sentences the young Claudio to death for pre-marital sex. When Claudio's sister, Isabella, pleads for his life, Angelo offers to spare him - in exchange for her virginity. A dark comedy which weaves between themes of lust, mercy and justice. 'Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall: Some run from brakes of vice, and answer none, And some condemned for a fault alone.
Macbeth (Douglas Campels)

822.3 C193 Ve

Considerable debate exists regarding the tragic context of Macbeth's downfall. In drama, a tragedy tradition ally recounts the significant events or actions in a protagonist's life which, taken together, bring about the catastrophe. Some critics assert that since Macbeth's actions throughout the play are inher ently evil, he gets what he deserves in the end and therefore his downfall is not catastrophic in a tragic sense. Other commentators, however, argue that although Macbeth embraces evil, his feelings of guilt generate pity and fear among readers and spectators at his ruin, a feeling identified in classical tragedy as catharsis.
MACBETH (1)&(2) (Rroman Polanski)


Only a few critics glommed onto the most impressive aspect of Polanski's version: as Macbeth and his wife sink deeper and deeper into the morass of their murderous ambitions, they age and wither before our eyes (Shakespeare's play does cover several years, but this is usually forgotten or ignored by many actors and directors). Macbeth was financed and released by Playboy, which naturally necessitated a fold-out spread on "the witches of Cawdor." The original Shakespearean text was adapted for the screen by Polanski and Kenneth Tynan. Despite an excellent first week, Macbeth ended up in the red, compelling Hugh Hefner to think twice about future motion-picture projects.  --Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
MACBETH (Orson Welles)


In fog-dripping, barren and sometimes macabre settings, 11th-century Scottish nobleman Macbeth is led by an evil prophecy and his ruthless yet desirable wife to the treasonous act that makes him king. But he does not enjoy his newfound, dearly-won kingship... Restructured, but all the dialogue is Shakespeare's.  --IMDb
MACBETH (Charles Warren)


Rich in powerful imagery and bloody action, ' 'Macbeth' ' is one of Shakespeare's most compelling and accessible dramas. Macbeth's rise to power and inevitable fall are magnificently captured in this British production.  --Amazon
MACBETH (1)&(2)

(Fack Gold) (BBC)


Macbeth and his wife murder Duncan in order to gain his crown, but the bloodbath doesn't stop there, and things supernatural combine to bring the Macbeths down.  --IMDb


DVD eng/ 822.3 C345

Presents a dramatization of William Shakespeare's tragedy entitled Macbeth.

Great Performances: Macbeth

DVD eng/ 822.3 G659

Adaptation of the stage production which relocates the action to a nameless 20th-century underground facility, offering a parable of the quest for power in the modern world.
The Tragedy of MACBETH (Arthur Allan Seidelman) (1)(2)(3)


Known to superstitious actors the world over as "The Scottish Play," MacBeth is widely considered one of Shakespeare's masterpieces. This particular rendition of the tale of a power-hungry Scottish general and his loyal, cold-hearted wife differs from others in that the actors eschew the traditional affected accents of Shakespearean performers.  --Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide
Merchant of Venice, The (Jack Gold) (BBC) (1)(2)




Belmont, the seat of Portia's ancestral home, swirls in a gauzy mist of airy color. Venice is earthier in texture, as it should be. For Belmont, the model was Titian; for Venice, Canaletto or Watteau. Thus the director played off the idealism of the rural retreat against the crassness of the commercial city, though ironically neither locale is invulnerable to folly or evil. He also accented the play's artistry, which relies on the tension between Portia's surface moralizing and a subterranean current of moral ambiguity.

The Merchant of Venice

DVD eng/  822.3 R124t

In 16th century Venice, when a merchant must default on a large loan from an abused Jewish moneylender for a friend with romantic ambitions, the bitterly vengeful creditor demands a gruesome payment instead.

The Merchant of Venice

DVD eng/  822.3 H939

Shylock loans money to a man he despises, the merchant Antonio, only if a pound of Antonio's flesh will be due, in a court of law, upon default. Antonio borrows the money so that his friend Bessanio can travel to woo the woman he loves, Portia, whose freedom to marry is bound up in a fairy-tale decree of her father's.

Midsummer Night's Dream, A

782.1 H441-1 Ve

782.1 H441-2 Ve

782.1 H441 Ve

782.1 H441 LDe
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM is one fo Shakespeare's earliest comedies yet still resounds with the brilliance and charm of his later works. Directed by Peter Hall using THE ROYAL SHAKESPEARE ACADEMY's cast of actors, this 1968 version is one of the wittiest and wildest of all versions to be produced. Hermia (Helen Mirren) is in love with Lysander (David Warner) but are forbidden to marry. Together they set off into the enchanted wood to live together in happiness. Unknown to them, the couple is followed by Demetrius (Michael Jayston) who loves Hermia. Demtrius in turn is followed by Helena (Diana Rig) for she is in love with him. Their collective adventures are further compounded by the inhabitants of the wood the Faeries. Oberon (Ian Richardson) and Titania (Judi Dench), the King and Queen of the Faeries, helped by Oberon's servant Puck (Ian Holm), cast the lovers into turmoil through their magic and their own jealousies. With its cast of great performers, this film version of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM is a hilarious and tremendous production of one of the Bard's greatest work. A must have for all fans of Shakespeare.  --Amazon
Midsummer Night's Dream, A   (Michael Hoffman)




When two pairs of star-crossed lovers, a feuding pair of supernatural sprites and a love potion gone awry all come together in an enchanted moonlit forests, the result is a delightful mix of merriment and magic.

(Color, 130mins., 2001, English no subtitles. ASIN: 6305622892, Twentieth Century Fox) 


Much Ado About Nothing (1993) 


Young lovers Hero and Claudio are to be married in one week. To pass the time, they conspire with Don Pedro to set a "lover's trap" for Benedick, an arrogant confirmed bachelor, and Beatrice, his favorite sparring partner. Meanwhile, the evil Don Jon conspires to break up the wedding by accusing Hero of infidelity. In the end, though, it all turns out to be "much ado about nothing."

Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson Director: Kenneth Branagh  

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Othello  (BBC) (1)(2)

EV 8822/032B01

One special reason for the favor seems to have been that they could alternate in the roles of Iago and Othello. For many early 19th‐century Americans, Edmund Kean's dignified but volatile Moor served as an exemplar, challenged only by the more ferocious, stentorian Moor of Edwin Forrest.


DVD eng/ 822.3 B954

Desdemona defies her father to marry the Moor of Venice, the mighty warrior, Othello. Iago is determined to bring about the downfall of Othello's new favorite, Cassio, and destroy Othello in the process, by casting aspersions on Othello's new bride.

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822.3 Am496-3 DVDe  

Shakespeare is rightly considered the world's greatest playwright for the soaring beauty of his language, for his profound insight into human nature, for truths he dramatized and for the realism of the characters he created. He was, and remains, a superb entertainer. Featuring some of Britain's most distinguished theatrical talent: Derek Jacobi, Sir John Gielgud, Charles Gray, Jon Finch, Martin Shaw, David Gwillim and Anthony Quayle, and many more. DVD brings out the rich beauty in the acting and sound. The English language subtitles allow viewers to correctly understand the rapid fire of the beautiful language of William Shakespeare.
Richard II (1)(2)


A vicious quarrel erupts in 1398 in the realm of England’s King Richard II between two nobles. One is the king’s cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford; the other is Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk. They had been allies as part of a powerful faction of five nobles that gained control of Parliament in 1386 and attempted to manipulate the young king, then twenty-one. Richard, now thirty-one, orders John of Gaunt–the Duke of Lancaster and father of Bolingbroke–to summon Mowbray and Bolingbroke to court for a hearing. 


Shakespeare's tragedy of the hump-backed Duke of Gloucester, who rises to the throne of England by chicanery, treachery, and brilliance, only to find that his own methods have prepared the groundwork for his downfall.
Richard III




In 1930's Britain, a savage civil war between two royal families has just concluded. But even as the newly installed King Edward takes the reins power, his ruthless, physically deformed young brother Richard sets in motion as monstrous scheme to claim the crown for himself.
Romeo & Juliet (I) (Ballet in 3 Arts)


Romeo & Juliet (II) (Ballet in 3 Acts)


Music: Sergey Prokofiev
Libretto, choreography and staging: People’s Artist of the USSR & Belarus, Laureate of State Price of the Republic of Belarus Valentin Elizariev
Conductor: Andrey Galanov
Decorations & Costumes: Laureate of the State Price of the Republic of Belarus Ernst Geidebrecht
First night: 1938, Brno (Czech Republic)
First night of the present version: 1988
Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes
Romeo & Juliet


A timeless story tells two rival families and the tragic fleeting passion shared by two of their children, Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli)


Romeo and Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli)


Shakespeare's classic romance comes to stunning visual life in a fresh insight to the most durable love story ever written modern and young person's interpretation.
Romeo and Juliet (Michael Morrow) (1) (2)


stage version of Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet


In this opulent world of hate, rival gangs and families at war, Romeo and Juliet are ignited by the passion of first forbidden love and Verona Beach explodes.

Romeo & Juliet

DVD eng/  822.3 W439

The families of Montague and Capulet are long-sworn enemies, which does not bode well for the love affair between Romeo (Christopher Neame) and Juliet (Ann Hasson), each of whom hails from a rival house. The two continue to see each other in secret, but when the feud which surrounds them erupts into bloodshed, the couple's love seems doomed to end in tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet (2pc) (DVD) ~ Dominic Dromgoole (director) Cover Art

DVD eng/ 822.3 D786

Romeo and Juliet present Shakespeare’s tragedy about two teenagers who fall in love, encounter opposition from their families, and take their lives.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

DVD eng/ 791.43 S883

Showing events from the point of view of two minor characters from Hamlet, men who have no control over their destiny, this film examines fate and asks if we can ever really know what's going on? Are answers as important as the questions? Will Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (or Guildenstern and Rosencrantz) manage to discover the source of Hamlet's malaise as requested by the new king? Will the mysterious players who are strolling around the castle reveal the secrets they evidently know? And whose serve is it?

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In Search of Shakespeare 1 (David Wallace)

822.3 D249 v.1

In Search of Shakespeare 2 (David Wallace)

822.3 D249 v.2

We recoil at the thought that Shakespeare was an ordinary man, a spendthrift who could not manage his money, an adventurer, a womanizer, a man with a villainous streak, or even (heaven forbid) the lover of the Queen who produced a bastard child or, stepping even further out of bounds, the possibility that our Shakespeare himself was the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth, in line for the throne of England. So we don't want to know too much and the Oxford challenge makes us confront both our urgent need to know and our strongest fears that it is better not to know. Yet as Shakespeare said, "Truth is truth, to the end of reckoning" so let us have the truth one way or the other. Then we can all have a safe sleep, perchance a dream, for it is only the truth that can set us free.
Shakespeare & His Stage: Approaches to Hamlet



The many-sided Hamlet as portrayed by the four greatest Shakepearean actors of the last sixty years: the splendid noble of John Barrymore, the agonized yet royally calm prince of Laurence Olivier, the controlled and reined-in personality of John Gielgud, the raging young man of Nicol Williamson.
Shakespeare: Soul of an Age


From reciting excepts of Shakespearian plays and sonnets. The real people and place are traced and mentioned in this program. The playwright's history and the 16th century culture are introduced.


Shakespeare is Alive and Well in the Modern World



DVD eng/ 822.3 G946

This program compares Shakespearean themes with similar themes from modern works, enabling students to penetrate complex Elizabethan vocabulary and experience insight into character's feelings, motives and actions. Film clips from screen adaptations of 'Wuthering Heights', 'Lord of the Flies', 'Mutiny on the Bounty', 'Animal Farm', 'The Lives of Dorian Gray' and others help illustrate themes like alienations, evil and ambition.

Shakespeare's An Age of Kings

DVD eng/ 822.3 H417

A history of the kings of Britain from 1377 to 1485, and how they won, stole and lost their claims to the throne.

Playing Shakespeare

(Volume 1-4)

DVD eng/ 792 C278-1~4

John Barton guides members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in nine intensive acting workshops, demonstrating how the Company makes Shakespeare's classic plays accessible to modern audiences without compromising the text's integrity.
Shylock (1999) (Pierre Lasry)    

928 L346 VRe

Hatred of Jews goes back 2000 years. It has been embedded in theology and its flames have been fanned by malicious folkfore, culminating with the near destruction of European Jewry. And for the last 400 years, the weight of Western attitudes towards Jews has been borne by Shakespeare's Shylock.

Slings & Arrows

(Season 1-3)

DVD eng/ 791.45 W452-1a~3b

In the fictional town of New Burbage, legendary theatrical madman Geoffrey Tennant returns to the New Burbage Theatre Festival, the site of his greatest triumph and most humiliating failure, to assume the artistic directorship after the sudden death of his mentor, Oliver Welles. When Geoffrey arrives he finds that Oliver is still there, in spirit anyway, and with his guidance (and often in spite of it) Geoffrey attempts to reconcile with his past while wrestling the festival back from the marketing department. Despite a bitter leading lady, a clueless leading man, and a scheming general manager, he manages to stage a remarkable production of Hamlet -- the play that drove him mad.


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Twelfth Night (1996) (Trevor Nunn)


Brother and sister Viola and Sebastian, who are not only very close but look a great deal alike, are in a shipwreck, and both think the other dead. When she lands in a foreign country, Viola dresses as her brother and adopts the name Cesario, becoming a trusted friend and confidante to the Count Orsino. Orsino is madly in love with the lady Olivia, who is in mourning due to her brother's recent death, which she uses as an excuse to avoid seeing the count, whom she does not love. He sends Cesario to do his wooing, and Olivia falls in love with the disguised maiden. Things get more complicated in this bittersweet Shakespeare comedy when a moronic nobleman, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and a self-important servant, Malvolio, get caught up in the schemes of Olivia's cousin, the obese, alcoholic Sir Toby, who leads each to believe Olivia loves him. As well, Sebastian surfaces in the area, and of course there is Feste, the wise fool, around to keep everything in perspective and to marvel, like we the audience, at the amazing things happening all around.
Twelfth Night (Paul Kafno)

DVD eng/  822.3 K11

After a shipwreck, twin siblings Viola and Sebastian wash up on the shores of Illyria. Viola, disguised as a man named Cesario, takes up service with the Duke Orsino, who is madly in love with Lady Olivia. But Olivia is in mourning over her brother's death, so Orsino sends Cesario over as an emissary of love, except that Olivia falls for Viola! And so begins the Great Bard's comedy of romance and confused identities darkened only by the cruelties of the deceitful Malvolio.
Twelfth Night (BBC) (Trevor Nunn)


An outstanding all-star ensemble cast brings William Shakespeare’s best-loved comedy to life.  The outlandish tale of troublesome twins who win the hearts of an entire kingdom is more relevant and funnier today than when it was first performed almost four hundred years ago!

(VHS, Color, 133mins., 1997, English no subtitles, ASIN: 6304449313, New Line Studios.) 

The Winter's Tale (Gregory Doran)

822.3/ D713/W052114V

King Leontes of Bohemia suspects his wife, Hermione, and his friend, Polixenes, of betraying him. When he forces Polixenes to flee for his life, Leontes sets in motion a chain of events that lead to death, a ferocious bear, an infant left in the snow, young love, and a statue coming to life.
Taming Of The Shrew, The






Petruchio, a poverty stricken gentleman, journey to Padua in hopes of finding rich wife. Whe he hears of Katharina, the fiery, acid-tongued daughter of the wealthy Baptista, he wagers with a friend that he can make he the most obidient of wives. Kate angry with his presumptuousness, leads him on a merry chase before he successfully circumvents her attempts to avoid marriage.
Tempest, The (1)(2)


An outcast duke has a chance to avenge himself and his daughter in this tale of love and sorcery.
Winter's Tale, A (BBC)


King Leontes of Bohemia suspects his wife, Hermione, and his friend, Polixenes, of betraying him. When he forces Polixenes to flee for his life, Leontes sets in motion a chain of events that lead to death, a ferocious bear, an infant left in the snow, young love, and a statue coming to life.  --IMDb

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