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1. Ms. Jennifer Chiu, Dr. Marguerite Connor, Bro. Nicholas Koss, Prof. Cecilia Liu, Dr. Lynda Scott and Ms. Lydia Tseng for their wonderful donations and/or contributions!
2. JENNIFER CHIU 邱文媛 , OPHELIA CHU 朱鳳蓮 ELIZABETH CHANG 張翠讌, LYDIA TSENG 曾明怡, KATE LIU 劉紀雯, DORIS SHIH 施佑芝, Mary Lee 李宛倫, Coco Fang 方琳捷for compiling this catalogue.

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A. 英國文學
     British Literature
B. 美國文學 
     U. S. literature; U.S. Culture
C. 世界英文文學
     World literature in/
     translated into English
D.  藝術文化歷史
    Arts, Culture and History
E.  文學理論
      Literary Theory 
F.  主題與文類
      Theme & Genre