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聽故事遊世界(World Animations)


Fairy Tale Theater, The (1) -- (11)


741.5 F172-9 Ve

At a time when most other shows for children were either low-budget productions or product-inspired cartoons that were little more than half-hour commercials, this program set out to produce high-quality classic entertainment that children would enjoy. Much inspired by an earlier children's program, "Shirley Temple's Storybook" (1958) (also known as "Shirley Temple Theatre"), Shelley Duvall hosts this program featuring some of the best-known in Hollywood performing adaptations of traditional stories.  -- IMDb
Fairy Tale of Hans Christian Andersen, A  

EV/792/578B01        V0013030

A journey through the most popular of Hans Christian Andersen's magical stories, starring James Fox, Simon Callow, Geraldine James and Alison Steadman.

This entertaining family fare takes you on a magical journey through such Hans Christian Andersen stories as THE NIGHTINGALE, THE UGLY DUCKLING, THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA, THE LITTLE MERMAID and more.

Frame by Frame (Episode 1)  -- (Episode 12) 

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741.5 F813-1 VRe

The Cat Came Back, Every Child, The Sand Castle, The Owl & The Raven, Canadian Vignette, Lord of the Sky.
Masters of Animation--Volume 2: Great Britain, Italy, France

(A series four programs produced and directed by John Halas; Home Vision; Color, 1996, 87 mins)

741.5 M423-2  1986

Over 10 years in the making, Masters of Animation represents the peak achievement of 7,00 artists from 13 countries. Produced and directed by John Halas, former president of the International Animated Film Association and award-winning animator, the series provides an opportunity to experience the exciting diversity of the world's leading animation artists. In addition, viewers are treated to examples of state of the art animation technology.

Volume 2


Within the European community Great Britain played a leading role in establishing animation as sophisticated entertainment. Interviews with John Halas, Joy Batchelor, and John Coates combine with works by Dunning, Godfrey, Brbic, and others to present the best of British animation.


The humor and artistry of Italian animation have their origins in the Renaissance. Emanuele Luzzati and Giulio Gianini dicuss their films, while excerpts from the work of Manfredi, Cavandoli, Manuli, Lagana and Bozzetto round out this overview.


France was a leader in the development of animated pictures. Today French animators use a wide variety of styles and techniques. Works by Brimault, Alexeieff, Parker, Foldes, Lenica, Laguionie and the Gaumont Studis illustrate this variety.

Masters of Animation--Volume 3: USSR, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary

(A series four programs produced and directed by John Halas; Home Vision; Color, 1996, 113 mins)

741.5 M423-3  1986

Volume 3


With some 25 studios spread over its territory, the USSR has a long tradition of animated film making. The work of such artists as Ivanov-Vano, Atamanov, Vinokurov, Shvartzman, Kurchevsky, and Norstein exhibits a remarkable variety of animated styles.


In the past few decades Zagerb Film has become one of the most active centers of European animation. Interviews with Vukotic, Stalter, Dragic and Dovnikovic and works by Majdak and Gasparovic illustrate the diversity of Yugoslavian animation.


In Poland animated programs are popular for all ages. Works by Giersz, Kijowicz, Kucia, Dumala and Szczechura illustrate the skill and humor with which Polish artists carry out their themes.


The widely diverse styles of Hungarian animation artists have produced many animated feature films. These works are represented by Mackassy, Dargay, Nepp, Varga, Rofusz, Reisenbuchler, Jankovics and Gemes.

New British Animation 


741.5 L866 Ve

The best films from the most adventurous TV channel in the world. Featuring Alison Devere's surreal epic BLACK DOG; David Anderson's masterpiece DEADSY....and three rarely seen films from Aardman animation: BABYLON, CONVERSATION PIECES; SALES PITCH.
Norman McLaren: Pioneer of Innovative Animation   


741.5 K22 Ve

Message from Norman McLaren, Hen Hop, C'est l'Aviron, Begone Dull Care, BlinkityBlank, Neighbours, Dots, Mail Early Christmas, Line Horizontal, Canon, Mosaic, Synchromy.
Seven fairy tales


EV/407/039B01 V0016980

1. The Hare and The Tortoise

2. Whazzat

3. The Monkey Who Would Be King

4. Ugly Duckling

5. The Fox and Roaster

6. The Boy Who Cried Woolf

7. Three Fox Fables

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