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Barbara Kruger: Pictures and Words Experience the engaging, socially provocative art of Barbara Kruger, who culls her imagery and words from advertising and print media to challenge traditional modes of marking art. This video includes a look at two Kruger shows at the Mary Boone Gallery in Soho. 1996, 28 mins.

Little Ashes 達利和他的情人

DVD  eng/ 791.43 M359

In 1922, Madrid is wavering on the edge of change as traditional values are challenged by the dangerous new influences of Jazz, Freud and the avant-garde. Salvador Dali arrives at the university; 18 years old and determined to become a great artist. His bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism attracts the attention of two of the university's social elite - Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunel. Salvador is absorbed into their youthfully decadent group and for a time Salvador, Luis and Federico become a formidable trio, the most ultra-modern group in Madrid. However as time passes, Salvador feels and increasingly strong pull towards the charismatic Federico - who is himself oblivious of the attentions he is getting from his beautiful writer friend, Magdalena. In the face of his friends' preoccupations - and Federico's growing renown as a poet - Luis sets off for Paris in search of his own artistic success...

Lust For Life 梵谷傳

DVD eng/ 791.43 M665l

Vincent Van Gogh is the archetypical tortured artistic genius. His obsession with painting, combined with mental illness, propels him through an unhappy life full of failures and unrewarding relationships. He fails at being a preacher to coal miners. He fails in his relationships with women. He earns some respect among his fellow painters, especially Paul Gauguin, but he does not get along with them. He only manages to sell one painting in his lifetime. The one constant good in his life is his brother Theo, who is unwavering in his moral and financial support.



Bob Dylan- No Direction Home


791.43 M379a Ve

Portrait of an artist as a young man. Roughly chronological, using archival footage intercut with recent interviews, a story takes shape of Bob Dylan's (b. 1941) coming of age from 1961 to 1966 as a singer, songwriter, performer, and star. He takes from others: singing styles, chord changes, and rare records. He keeps moving: on stage, around New York City and on tour, from Suze Rotolo to Joan Baez and on, from songs of topical witness to songs of raucous independence, from folk to rock. He drops the past. He refuses, usually with humor and charm, to be simplified, classified, categorized, or finalized: always becoming, we see a shapeshifter on a journey with no direction home. -- IMDb

Fugees (Refugee Camp)

(The Score--Bootleg Versions, 1996)

(Color, 66mins, Columbia Video)

Category: World Literatures in English 

A documentary on a Haitian rap band, Fugees, with their music videos.

"The Fugees would like to thank God for his blessings, and all the Refugees worldwide. Lauryn, Wycleff and Praswell have taken their rough, acoustic hip-hop style around the world, including American, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Haiti, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Followers of the Refugee Camp are everywhere."


The story, sound, and soul of a nation come together in the most American of art forms: Jazz. Ken Burns, who riveted the nation with The Civil War and Baseball, celebrates the music's soaring achievements, from its origins in blues and ragtime through swing, bebop, and fusion. Six years in the making, this "soundbreaking" series blends 75 interviews, more than 500 pieces of music, 2,400 still photographs, and over 2,000 rare and archival film clips. The 10-part musical journey spotlights many of America's most original, creative--and tragic--figures, including Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. Special features of the PBS DVD Gold include bonus performances and The Making of Jazz documentary.

Nowhere Boy

搖滾天空: 約翰藍儂少年時代



DVD eng/ 791.43 T247

The story of John Lennon's childhood and teenage years from 1944 to 1960, his relationship with his aunt Mimi and his mother Julia -the two dominant women in the first part of his life-, his first meeting with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, their friendship, their love for music and the birth of The Beatles. -- IMDb

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Digital Images

DIGITAL IMAGES of the following works, licensed in perpetuity


1. Puf-0087   BIERSTADT, Albert  (Landscape near Sacramento)
2. Puf-0089   BIERSTADT, Albert Donner Lake, California
3. Puf-0053   BIERSTADT, Albert Rocky Mountains (with Lake)
4. Puf-0050   BIERSTADT, Albert Rocky Pool, New Hampshire
5. Puf-0012   CHURCH, Frederick Edwin Twilight in the Wilderness
6. Puf-0013   CHURCH, Frederick Edwin (Twilight in the Wilderness)
7. Puf-0014   CHURCH, Frederick Edwin (Twilight in the Wilderness)
8. Nuf-0068   COLE, Thomas Peace at Sunset (in the White Mountains)
9. Nuf-0003   COLE, Thomas Schroon Mountains, Adirondacks
10. Nuf-0050   COLE, Thomas The Cross of Solitude
11. Puf-0112   CROPSEY, Jasper Francis Eagle Cliff, Franconia Notch
12. Puf-0064a   CROPSEY, Jasper Francis Pastoral Scene, Chenango River
13. Puf-0057a   HEADE, Martin Johnson Salt Marsh, Southport, Connecticut
14. Puf-0066   JOHNSON, Eastman A Different Sugaring Off
15. Puf-0074   MORAN, Thomas Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
16. Puf-0076   MORAN, Thomas Grand Canyon with Rainbow
17. Puf-0132   WHITTREDGE, Worthington From the Harz Mountains (Landscape with Riders)
18. Puf-0212   HOMER, Winslow Prisoners from the Front
19. Puf-0024   HOMER, Winslow The Gulf Stream
20. Puf-0007   HOMER, Winslow Early Morning After the Storm
21. Nuf-0085   BINGHAM, George Caleb Country Politician
22. Nuf-0030   BINGHAM, George Caleb Fur Traders Descending the Missouri
23. Nuf-0031   BINGHAM, George Caleb (Fur Traders Descending the Missouri)
24. Puf-0071   JOHNSON, Eastman The Brown Family (Wealthy Interior)
25. Puf-0140   CASSATT, Mary Young Woman Sewing
26. Puf-0206   SARGENT, John Singer Self Portrait
27. Puf-0206a   SARGENT, John Singer (Self Portrait)
28. Puf-0125   SARGENT, John Singer Trout Stream in Tyrol
29. Puf-0126   SARGENT, John Singer (Trout Stream in Tyrol)
30. Puf-0127   SARGENT, John Singer Lady with Glass of Claret
31. Puf-0128   SARGENT, John Singer (Lady with Glass of Claret)
32. Puf-0129   SARGENT, John Singer Study of Architecture, Florence
33. Puf-0207   SARGENT, John Singer Portrait: Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles
34. Puf-0208   SARGENT, John Singer (Portrait: Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles)
35. Puf-0209   SARGENT, John Singer (Portrait: Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles)
36. Puf-0185   SARGENT, John Singer The Spanish Dancer 'La Carmencita'
37. Puf-0186   SARGENT, John Singer (The Spanish Dancer 'La Carmencita')
38. Puf-0187   SARGENT, John Singer (The Spanish Dancer 'La Carmencita')
39. Puf-0130   WHISTLER, James  The Gold Scab, Eruption in Frilthy Lucre
40. Puf-0131   WHISTLER, James (The Gold Scab, Eruption in Frilthy Lucre)
41. Puf-0142   WHISTLER, James The Artist's Mother
42. Puf-0143   WHISTLER, James (The Artist's Mother)
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