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Language -- The following CD's are for basic English learning.  For Window 31 Version.
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 1(UNITS 1-4)                          V0020131

BBC New English Course covers the skills of listening, speaking, and reading for young adults and adults. The primary goal of the course is to teach communicative competence--that is, the ability to communicate in English according to the situation, purpose, and roles of the participants.
Units 1~4 teach students to use basic English for everyday situations and purposes related to work, school, social life, and leisure, such as "Hello! Hi!" "Nice to meet you," and "What's your name?"

ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 3(UNITS 9-12)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 4(UNITS 13-16)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 5(UNITS 17-20)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 6(UNITS 21-24
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 7(UNITS 25-28)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 8(UNITS 29-32)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 9(UNITS 33-36)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 10(UNITS 37-40)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 11(UNITS 41-44

Units 41~44 contain three topics: travelogue, suggestion, differences among Canadian accents. Freshmen can also learn the grammar of future tense and the uses of modal auxiliaires such as "will," "must," "should," "can," "could," "may," "might," and "shall."

ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 12( UNITS 45-48)                        V0020142
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 13( UNITS 49-52)                        V0020143
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 14( UNITS 53-56)                        V0020144
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 15(UNITS 57-60)                        V0020145
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 16(UNITS 61-64)                        V0020146
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 17(UNITS 65-68)                         V0020147
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 18(UNITS 69-72)                         V0020148
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 19( UNITS 73-76)                        V0020149
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 20(UNITS 77-80)                         V0020150
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 21(UNITS 81-84)                        V0020151
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 22(UNITS 85-86)                         V0020152

Units 85~88 tell about how to use indirect expression or understatement, how to compare one thing with another, and how the languages of world are divided into groups. The grammars of these four units include -ing forms, the uses of infinitive, statement + tag, and omissions after infinitive "to." Sophomores can learn special English in tourism, medicine, science and technology.

                                       - 1 -

¯Á_______®Ñ_______¸¹ ÃD________________________¦W ¦r________________¹õ ±ø____½X
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 23(                        V0020153
                       UNITS 89-92)
ECM/040/001M11       BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE 24(                        V0020154
                       UNITS 93-96)
ECM/040/004M11       LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH                            V0020157
ECM/040/005M11       CROSSWORD CRACKER AND                             V0020158
ECM/040/006M11       THE NEW FAMILY BIBLE                              V0020159
ECM/040/007R11       INTERAVTIVE STORYTIME                             V0020160
                       VOLUME 2

Interactive Storytime Volume 2 collects three interesting fables: "The Milkmaid and Her Pail," "Belling the Cat," and "The Boy Who Cired Wolf." In the first story, we can learn one thing: "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." The second story tells us how much easier it is to talk about doing something than it is to do it.  The moral lesson of the third story is honesty is the best policy.

ECM/041/006D11       ¯d¾Ç¡EÆ[¥ú¡E ®È¹C­^¤å¦r·J                         V0014456

                                    400  »y¨¥

ECM/407/001B02       ¤j®a»¡­^»y(1)                                    V0001465

The contents of Let's Talk in English (1) include many interesting subjects like thinking in English, bad habits, occupations, buying by mail, emotions, ways of making excuses, office talk, a job interview, etc. You can read the conversations with the teachers, choose the part you want to read your part of the story, then record your reading and compare it with the teachers, that will help your pronunciation.  Try to guess the spelling of certain words, or try to match questions with the correct answers.  This will make English more exciting for freshmen.

ECM/407/002B02       ¤j®a»¡­^»y(2)                                     V0001464

If you want to go abroad, Let's Talk in English (2) can provide assistance on your trip.  This CD-ROM includes five parts: At a Travel Agency, Departure, On the Plane, In Transit, and Arrival.  Each part contains several intersting conversations which are suitable for freshmen.  You will learn how to make reservations for trips, how to check in, what will happen in airplane, how to go through the customs, etc.

ECM/407/002D11       ¬f§JµÜ¤¬°Ê¦¡¦«ºÖÅ¥¤O: °V½m»P                      V0014582
                       ´úÅç = U. S. A. Berkeley

U. S. A. Berkeley Toefl includes five sections: exam tips, exam section, volume control setting, score tracking, and practice section. You can be familiar with each detail of the process of Toefl exam. You can also take exams and practice sessions and answers. After finishing the practice section, you 'll get suggestions to improve your English ability.

ECM/407/003B02       ªÅ¤¤­^»y±Ð«Ç(2)                                   V0001466
                                   ¼È°±¨Ï¥Î, ¦³°ÝÃD
ECM/407/004B02       ªÅ¤¤­^»y±Ð«Ç(3)                                   V0001467

Studio Classroom on CD-ROM (3) can teach you to use practical conversations to discuss the common expressions about "Are you sure?" "I apologize for..." "You're invited!" in different situations to express yourself.  It also brings you to three famous cities: Geneva, Victoria Falls, and Calgary, and discusses food, marriage, freedom to help you understand each aspect of American culture. It keeps you abreast of world events in 1994.  You can also listen to interesting idiom stories to relax yourself.  Besides, exercises in this CD-ROM can help you test your ability of vocabulary and the understanding degree of the article.  Sophomores can get more information about the world we live.

ECM/407/004D11       Family Album, U.S.A.:                             V0014692
                       Episode 2, The blind date

The content of "The blind date" contains Vocabulary, Useful Language, Sentence Patterns, Everyday American Expressions, Video Dialogues and Tests.  This CD-ROM creates lively dialogues to teach you how to ask for directions, how to excuse yourself, how to express concern, how to introduce a new idea in a conversation, etc.

ECM/407/005B02       ªÅ¤¤­^»y±Ð«Ç(4)                                   V0001468

The content of Studio Classroom on CD-ROM (4) includes five parts: Spotlight, Express Yourself, The American Way, Around the World 1994, and Idiom Story.  You can learn about very different places--Portland, Paris, and Singapore.  The three famous cities can give you a taste of other places, people, cultures and times.  The three conversations: "Learn to give and take," "Changing Plans," and "Showing Sympathy" can teach you how to express yourself.  This CD-ROM also "opens a window" on three American ways: Sports, Education, and Moral Values.  There are idiom stories like "The Oddball," "The Retired Teacher," " The Royal Romance Riddle" and many articles about the world around you.  Sophomores can learn what life is like from this CD-ROM.

ECM/407/006B02       ªÅ¤¤­^»y±Ð«Ç(6)                                   V0014454

In Studio Classroom on CD-ROM (6), you'll learn about places (St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Chicago), famous people (Tom Hanks, Lou Whittaker, Susan B. Anthony), current events, and American values and life styles. You'll also learn how to use tricky multi-word verbs.  In the test section and vocabulary excercises, this CD-ROM also develops word games that will allow sophomores to easily build their vocabularies.

ECM/407/007B02       ªÅ¤¤­^»y±Ð«Ç(7)ÃØ«~                                 V0014455
                                   ¥u¦³­µ­y, ¨S¦³¹ÏÀÉ

The content of Studio Classroom (7) is a fable called "Dusty Earns His Keep." You can learn verbs and common idioms from this English teaching radio program.

ECM/407/010B02       THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK                          V0001471

Welcome to the world of Broderbund's Living Books.  You and your child are about to experience a fun and fantastic learning environment where characters and objects come alive and bring a whole new dimension to storytelling.  This CD-ROM collects seventeen poems written by Jack Prelutsky. You can select one of them and experience how children behave, think, and feel.

ECM/407/011B02       THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE¤`§H                        V0001472
ECM/407/012B02       JUST GRANDMA AND ME¤`§H                               V0001473
ECM/407/013B02       ARTHUR'S TEACHER TROUBLES¨S¦³¸ê®Æ                         V0001474
ECM/407/014B02       ¥b²~¬ü»yÂô¤Ñ¤U-¥´©Û©I¥æªB¤Í                       V0001475

This CD-ROM provides different ways to introduce yourself, express yourself, make a small talk, etc.  When talking with a new acquaintance, limit your conversation to topics that are not personal. You might talk about where you are, what you're doing, the people you are with, the weather, home, occupation, family, etc.  It will help freshmen make friends easily in their campus lives.

ECM/407/015B02       ¥b²~¬ü»yÂô¤Ñ¤U-§Úªº®]¤l¬OABC                      V0001476

This CD-ROM can teach you how to communicate between American Born Chinese (ABC) grandson and Chinese grandma. It also tells you the differences between the East and the West in cultural background, life styles, value judgmnet, etc. You can learn the advantages of the Eastern way and the Western way, and avoid the disadvantages of them.

ECM/407/016B02       ¥b²~¬ü»yÂô¤Ñ¤U-°µ­Ó¦n¥D¤H                         V0001477

This CD-ROM includes four sections--Welcome the Visitors, Dining Together, After Meal, and Table Manners. You can learn about how to prepare formal and informal dinner and how to participate in speech. If you want to eat out, it will teach you how to order from a variety of options, including full dinners and a la carte order, and how to pay your bill.

ECM/407/017B02       ¥b²~¬ü»yÂô¤Ñ¤U-§O°µÅ¢¤¤³¾                         V0001478

Vacations can be a lot of fun when you do the planning.  The most important question to answer when planning a vacation is "Where do you want to go?" Before answering, this CD-ROM can tell you much to consider: Weather, Money, Travel, and Activities.  It also provides you with suggestions about the source of information, traffic tools, shopping, etc.

ECM/407/018B01       ±d¤Dº¸¤¬°Ê¦¡­^»yÅ¥¤O¥úºÐ=                         V0014583
                       Cornel interactive CD¡ÐR
                       OM for the Toefl
ECM/407/019B01       ªÅ¤¤­^»y±Ð«Ç(7)

Culture and Liteature
ECM/040/002M11       A CHRISTMAS CAROL-A                               V0020155
                       MULTIMEDIA STORYBOOK
ECM/040/003M11       WORLD LIBRARY'S STORIEES OF                       V0020156
                      MURDER,MYSTERY,MAGIC &

Welcome to "World Library's Stories of Murder, Mystery, Magic, Terror & More...!" You can easily and instantly search through and retrieve all or any portion of the more than 171 titles or 22 authors or key words in this CD-ROM. World Library introduces the author or work to those unfamiliar with a certain author or work. It is not intended to be a complete summary of any particular work nor a biographical sketch of any author.  Sophomores and juniors can read English and American stories written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Conrad, Henry James, etc.

ECM/413/002B02       20TH CENTURY VIDEO ALMANAC-                       V0001469
                      OUR CENTURY IN DEPTH:

20th Century Video Almanac includes Timeline from 1890 to 1990, Historical Inscidents on This Day, and Where In the World.  The headline news about politics, war, disasters, sports, people, science and technology can let you know what has happened in the world.

ECM/413/003B03       20TH CENTURY VIDEO ALMANAC-                       V0001470
                       THE BEST OF OUR CENTURY¤º®e¦P¤W
FCM/414/001M11       How to pronounce French                           V0006692

                                    700 Arts ÃÀ³N --Window 95

FCM/700/001M11       Le Louvre                                         V0006686
FCM/700/002M11       Impressionnisme (Les                              V0006687
                       Origines 1859-1869)
FCM/700/003M11       Le Louvre (100 peintures)                         V0006690
FCM/700/004M11       Muse d'Orsay                                     V0006691
FCM/700/005M11       Art Gallery                                         V0020171

The Art Gallery CD-ROM disc contains hundreds of paintings that were created from the 13th century to the early 20th century by Western European artists such as Monet, Vermeer, and Titian in the National Gallery, a museum in London, England. If you enter the art world, you can see the unigue techniques of the great masters, explore artists' lives, and investigate the historical geographical and social contexts of this remarkable collection through articles that discuss all the important centers of art in western Europe.

FCM/780/001M11       History of Music-Through                   V0020179
                       The Classical Period

History of Music--Through The Classical Period contains four parts: Origins and Overview, Middle Ages and Renaissance, The Baroque Era, and Through the Classiacl Period.  It first introduces the music of ancient civilizations, i. e., Egyptian music, early Hebrew music, Greek music, and Christian music.  The characteristics of music in Middle Ages and Renaissance are Sacred Melody (plainsong) and Secular Melody (troubadours).  Opera  was born at the Baroque era because of the revival of Greek drama.  Bach and Handel were the two most important composers of the late Baroque.

FCM/780/002M11       History of Music-                                V0020180
                       Romanticism to Contemporary

History of Music-Romanticism to Contemporary includes four parts--Early Romanticism, Later Romanticism, Early 20th Century, and Into the '80s.  The five general aspects of romanticism--individualism, emotionalism, subjectivity, favorite subjects, and nationalism--apply to the music of the 19th century.  The 20th centruy represents a revolutionary period in the history of music.  Composers reflect great scientific and technological advances.

FCM/780/003M11       History of Music-American                 V0020181
                       Folk Music

This CD-ROM contains four parts: The Roots of American Folk Music, Country Music, Black Flok Music, and Folk Music in History. U. S. A. is reflected folk culture by diverse immigrants groups.  The roots of country music are suck deep in southern soil.  The history of black folk music is also the African vocal tradition.  Folk music can date from colonial time to Great Depression.  In an age of dislocation and change, American folk songs give Americans a sense of their roots and help them to face the future.

History of Music-Music

This CD-ROM introduces three kinds of music: Polynesian music, African music, and North American Indian music.  Polynesian music is largely vocal.  The words are more important than music effects.  In "Black Africa," the interrelation between communication and music is deeply influenced by the difference of languages in Africa. The role of music in Indian life today like that of folk music in the lives of other minority groups in U. S. A., a reminder of the glories, and sorrows of the past, and a promise of hope for the future.

¥v¦a --History and Geography ==

History through Art-

Humanism, an important cultural force of the Renaissance, meant a renewed interest in man, his environment, and in the values and forms of classical Greece and Rome.  With the interest in man, art was fillled with portraits of individual people.  The man who best embodied the many ideals of the Renaissance was Leonardo da Vinci.  His paintings also illustrate Renaissnace man's love of nature.


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