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In the year 600 A.D. a divine wind swept across the Arabian desert, where, in the little town called Mecca, an illiterate orphan named Mohammed came to be the prophet to whom the word of God was revealed - and the world was to be changed forever. Herein lies the beginning of the faith known as Islam, a religion that today claims over one billion devout believers throughout the planet. Yet it is a faith more misunderstood than any other in the history of mankind. This brilliantly produced film takes us on a journey through the Story of Islam, from its humble beginnings 1300 years ago, to its place in the world today. We are introduced to the culture, philosophy, and staples of this way of life which is rapidly being embraced by so many in the West. If you are not familiar with the principles of Islam, you will be surprised - perhaps even shocked - to learn of the amazing similarities between the Muslim, Christian, and Judaic faiths, and perhaps this program will help tear down the stereotypical Western view of Islam as an alien phenomenon.

Done in the 1990s, thorough, interesting, well done. No subtitles and the students weren't thrilled, but it was important information. I thought it worth while.  (Dr. Marguerite Connor)


The Bible's Greatest Secrets The Bible is the equivalent of a treasure map in this archeological edition of A&E's Mysteries of the Bible series. Both contemporary scientists and those from the last century have taken their cues from the scriptures when digging, leading to excavation of the 3,000-year-old remains of the towns of Beersheba and Capernaum. Also, there are accidental finds like a shepherd's 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a cave. This 45-minute tape, narrated by Richard Kiley, examines the relationship between archaeology and the Bible, illuminating such personalities as Sir William Flinders Petrie, whose ballerina attire convinced the Egyptians it would be harmless to let him measure the pyramids. The husband-and-wife team of Eric and Carol Meyers explain how their work on the Masada both confirms and contradicts the only contemporaneous historical account of the siege and mass suicide there. Finally, there's a good example of technology at work: electromagnetic images eliminate random digging, computer models graphically resurrect ancient Jerusalem.
Biblical Angels Are angels male or female or both? Eternal or mortal? Messengers from God or shapers of destiny? In an attempt to resolve these and other questions regarding the nature of angels, this A&E program (part of the Mysteries of the Bible series) looks to a variety of sources for answers: the Bible, the Apocrypha, Dante's Divine Comedy--even Phoenician drawings. Jean Simmons reads the quotations in response to narrator Richard Kiley's questions, and several professors, with specialties ranging from the Old Testament to Renaissance studies, chime in. The material is organized into five acts, with titles like "Celestial Guardians" and "Earthly Spirits." While the essence of angels isn't ultimately resolved in this 45-minute offering, viewers do get an eyeful of some of the more famous visions of angels by artists, including da Vinci, Raphael, and Botticelli.

A History of Christianity 1-3

基督教的歷史 1-3

DVD eng/ 200 M133-1~3

In this series Professor MacCulloch explains how Christianity first spread east, extending into Syria , Central Asia, India and the Far East. He explores the extraordinary and unpredictable rise of the largest single body of Christian devotion in the world, the Roman Catholic Church, and reveals how confession was invented by monks in a remote island off the coast of Ireland. As the series progresses it charts Eastern Orthodox Christianity's fight for survival after its glory days in the eastern Roman Empire and looks at the reformation and the rise of Protestantism as well as the evangelical revival and the American-led rise of Pentecostalism
The Great Egyptians II – Ramses The Great (尋找埃及王:拉姆西斯大帝)

Director: Peter Spry-Leverton.
(DVD, Color, 50mins., 2001, English no subtitles,
Discovery Channel.)

本片介紹古埃及最偉大的建築家、最勇猛的戰士;同時也是出埃及記中的無名法老-拉姆西斯大帝。拉姆西斯在位67年,對多數埃及人而言,他是唯一的國王,也是永遠的大帝。Discovery Channel 將帶您深入拉姆西斯的世界,一窺這位在聖經人物中唯一可見的人物面貌。


The Haunted History of Halloween

無字幕,英文發音 (50 min.)


On October 31, when pint-sized ghouls and goblins knock on doors, they're actually carrying on a tradition that goes back thousands of years to the Celtic tribes of northern Europe. For centuries this night has celebrated mystery and chaos, a time between summer and winter, a time between life and death.

CBS This Morning host Harry Smith leads this 3,000 year tour through the history of the quintessentially pagan holiday which has survived to become one of America's most popular. Discover how trick or treat originated in ancient Ireland's harvest festivals, when food and sweets were offered to entice the dead to stay in the spirit world. See how Christianity tried to co-opt the celebration by turning it into All Saints Day, but how the underlying dark elements have survived, inspiring debate to the present day. From ghoulies and ghosties to the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern, THE HAUNTED HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN is a delicious journey into the enchanting past of the spookiest night of the year.

Heaven and Hell This exploration into the question of the afterlife begins with a discussion of near-death experiences against a hospital backdrop before it dives into the subjects of hell and Satan with equally gruesome paintings of both. Part of the A&E Bible mysteries series, this 45-minute tape examines Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant ideas of hell as well as those of Dante, complete with his diagram of the seven circles. A priest and a minister debate the origin and purpose of the concept of purgatory; Irish, Chinese, and Americans share their views on the afterlife; Jean Simmons reads excerpts from the Old and New Testaments and The Divine Comedy; and narrator Richard Kiley presides over the proceedings. Kiley traces the sparse mentions of hell in the Hebrew Bible, the fallen angel references in the Apocryphal Book of Enoch, and frequent references in the New Testament, particularly the Book of Revelation. He concludes that while there is no scientific evidence of an afterlife, people want to believe that a good life will be rewarded and an evil one punished.
Herod the Great Scholars may debate whether Judean King Herod committed the act he is most famous for--the slaughter of a nation's young boys in a failed attempt to assassinate the baby Jesus--but no one doubts that he was mean enough to do it. After all, the king did murder his second wife, their two sons, and all of his in-laws, according to this A&E program. While this is part of the Mysteries of the Bible series, this 45-minute installment actually serves more as a biography of the half-Jewish king known for his Roman affiliations, brilliance in building, and penchant for murdering those who got in his way. Since Herod actually appears only infrequently in the Bible, the producers rely heavily on the biographical work of first-century historian Josephus, with Jean Simmons reading quotations. Richard Kiley narrates and various professors weigh in on the fine line between brilliant madman and great king. The video charts Herod's early political rise and his unprecedented architectural accomplishments, from enormous temples to Caesarea, a coastline port city built probably as much for the challenge as the necessity. But much of the focus is on his long, violent decline, which ended only with his death. --Kimberly Heinrichs --This text refers to the VHS edition of this video  
Home for the Holidays (The History of Thanksgiving)

無字幕,英文發音 (50 min.)


Everyone knows the story of the first Thanksgiving, when a small group of Massachusetts's settlers celebrated making it through the year by feasting with their Native-American neighbors. But the story of Thanksgiving goes back much further, to ancient harvest festivals, and the holiday has been transformed over time into today's celebration marked by family, food and football.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a warm look at this particularly American celebration. Discover how New York was the first state to officially declare a day of Thanksgiving, and how President Lincoln first made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. Explore period accounts and art that bring Thanksgiving celebrations through the centuries to life, and find out the origins of traditions like the Macy's parade. And why do we serve turkey on Thanksgiving anyway?

It's an intriguing look at the sometimes surprising tales behind one of America's most beloved holidays.

Jerusalem: City of Heaven  (耶路撒冷)

Director: Tim Lambet & Robert Kenner
(DVD, Color, 76mins., 1999, English no subtitles,
Discovery Channel.)

Jerusalem: Within These Walls (飽受劫難的聖城)

(DVD, Color, 60mins., 1986, English no subtitles, National Geographic)

Jesus of Nazareth  

Robert Powell; DVD


Originally made for TV in 1977, this in-depth (six hours plus) version of Jesus' life is so thorough that the first hour is devoted solely to the story of his birth. The film doesn't skimp on some of the other landmark events of this famous story either. Director Franco Zeffirelli gives more than 12 minutes screen time each to the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Passages of the Bible are quoted verbatim, the locations have a Palestine-like authenticity, and, aside from some of the principals (Robert Powell as Jesus, Olivia Hussey as Mary, and Stacy Keach as Barabbas), many of the non-Roman characters are actually played by Semitic-looking actors. Zeffirelli diligently provides the sociopolitical background that gave rise to Jesus' following and the crisis in belief it caused for the people of Israel (and one or two Romans). While not graphic by today's standards, some of the scenes--baby boys being ripped from their mothers' arms and slaughtered, nails being driven into Jesus' hands--may disturb young and/or sensitive children. --Kimberly Heinrichs --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition. 
Who Was Moses?  (真假摩西)

Jean Claude Bragard
, Color, 52mins., 2000, English no subtitles, Discovery Channel.)


Discovery Channel將帶領您一同探究出埃及記這段歷史的真實性。身為上帝代言人的摩西,數度請求法老王釋放希伯來人,但都被拒絕,因此埃及遭受到天災的懲罰。考古學家在埃及的泥沙採樣中發現了火山爆發的證據,並在埃及的神殿中發現了記載有天災的石碑文獻,一一證實了聖經上不可褻瀆的信仰教義。然而,出埃及記中最神祕的,莫過於摩西將紅海分離,讓希伯來人安全通過。透過考古學家的努力,Discovery Channel 將提供最新資料與您一同發現摩西的真相!

Christmas Unwrapped (The History of Christmas)

無字幕,英文發音 (50 min.)


From Santa Claus to the Christmas Tree, this is an enchanting look at some of the most beloved holiday traditions.

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