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(a. author, b. literature into film, c. race and culture)

1) author

The Apprenticeship of Modecai Richler EVR/897/002M11

CANADIAN AUTHORS 1--Atwood EVR/897/017M11

    Atwood and Family. (29:39) This study of one of Canada's most elusive literary figures takes place during a quiet encounter on Atwood's island retreat. The author and the filmmaker discuss what shapes Atwood's fiction and what motivates her characters.
    Ten Million Books: An Introduction to Farley Mowat (25: 15)
    Darts in the Dark: An Introduction to W.O. Mitchell (15:35).
An Introduction to Margaret Laurence  µL¦r¹õ,­^¤åµo­µ      EV/897/008B01        V0033114


Still Waters: The Poetry of P.K.Page.

    Donald Winkler.  NFB: 1991.  Length: 38:05.
Timothy Findley: Anatomy of A Writer.
    Terence Macartney-Filgate.  NFB: 1992.  Length: 57:25.

2) Literature into Film:

The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood) ­^¤å¦r¹õ,­^¤åµo­µ VE/823/035MO1

    Once upon a time in the near future a country went wrong. The country was called the Republic of Gilead. Ecological disasters ravaged the land resulting in civil war, political turmoil and wide-spread sterility. Only a very few women could still bear children. These women were called Handmaids.

    Captured trying to escape Gilead, Kate (Natasha Richardson) soon befriends 'gender criminal' Moira (Elizabeth Mcgovern) in the prison-like training center for the country's few surviving fertile women. Moira escapes, but Kate is dispatched to the home of the 'Commander' (Robert Duvall) and his wife Serena (Faye Dunaway). Her role as Handmaid is to bear the commander's child for his infertile wife-but revolutionaries seeking to overthrow the government have other plans for kate-the assassination of the Commander. Passionate drama becomes explosive adventure as Kate risks her life-and the future of her unborn child-to break free and strike a fatal blow for the revolution.

Thanks for the Ride (Alice Munro)  EVR/897/014M11
    28 min. 15 sec. 1983. Director John Kent Harrison. Based on Alice Munro's short story. This finely crafted drama, set in Ontrario's cottage country, revolves around two teenage boys from the city who pick up two local girls on a Saturday night and take them for a ride. It is about values and morals, expectations and broken dreams, class differences and peer pressure. It is also about the overwhelming intensity of adolescent emotions and that momentous event'the sexual encounter. (Award: New York)
POETS ON FILM - No. 1 EVR/897/011M11
    Poetry with animation. Including "Riverdale Lion," "A Kite is a Victim," "Klaxon," "The Bulge."
    Poetry with animation. Including "The Perishing Bird," "Mon ecole."
    Poetry with animation. Including "From the Hotel Bough," "Traveler's Palm," "Death by Streetcar," "A Said Poem."
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3) race and culture

WHO GETS IN                                       EVR/897/004M11       V0007991
WHO GETS IN                   µL¦r¹õ,­^¤åµo­µ     EV/897/004B01        V0033117

    Who gets in?  Third-World refugees or Hong-Kong entrepreneurs.
Sisters in the Struggle.
    (about Black Women protest.)  Dionne Brand and Ginny Stikeman.  NFB: 1991.  Genre: Documentary.  Length: 49:23.
Meeting Place.
    (about races in Toronto.)  Kent Martin.  NFB: 1990.  Genre: Documentary.  Length: 52:07.
Canadian Portraits.
    NFB: 1989.  Genre: Documentary.  Length: 29:56.  "Ordinary folks" get profiled in the video.  These "Canadian portraits" are interwoven with historical material from the past which shows the nature and extent of this country's multicultural makeup.
Return Home.
    (about Chinese-Canadians).  Michelle Wong.  NFB: 1993.  Genre: Documentary (Chinese Subtiles).  Length: 29:18.
The Emperor's New Clothes: A Cautionary Tale of Free Trade (Short English Version).
    Magnus Isacsson.  NFB: 1995.  Length: 53:05.
A Sense of Family.  Paul Lang.  NFB: 1995.  Length: 54:15.

Discussion Starters.  NFB.  Length: 25:36.  (for discussion, for learning, for lelaxation)

Bamboo, Lions and Dragons.  Richard Patton.  NFB.  Length: 26:27.  (Vancouver*s Chinese community has struggled long and hard to make Canada its home)


    (This film is asbout culture shock)  Denis Villeneuve.  NFB: 1995.  Length: 30:45.
Between the Solitudes.
     (an offbeat odyssey through Anglo Montreal).  Abbey Neidik.  NFB: 1993.  Length: 49:10.
The Black Sheep.
    Jacques Godbout.  NFB: 1992.  Part One.  Length: 119:00.  Part Two.  Length: 113:38.
Enemy Alien.
    (about the internment of Japanese-Canadians during World War II.)   Jeannette Lerman.  NFB.  Length: 26:49.
Home Feeling: Struggle for A Community.
    Jennifer Hodge.  NFB: 1994.  Length: 57:35.  The Jane-Finch "Corridor" is an area of six square blocks in Toronto's North York.  To the residents of Metro Toronto, the Corridor evokes images of vandalism, high-density subsidized housing, racial tension, despair and crime.  The film provides a powerful view of a community that, contrary to its popular image, is working towards a more positive future.

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