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What is linguistics/phonetics? (Bulleted graphics; handy for first day of class)

Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) homepage (IPA Help is excellent; also IPA fonts, many tools)

The International Phonetic Alphabet

The vocal tract

Plosives 2: Voicing onset time and aspiration (tutorial)

Linguistics Online

The Tongue Twister Database

Slip of the tongue*
a website dedicated to the contributions of the foremost figure in linguistics—Noam Chomsky.

American Association of Applied Linguistics

Phonetics and Linguistics 
(It's a collection of accents where you may hear the different pronunciation according to the native language of the speaker or according to their regional location. Under "English" you will find accents of people from England, Australia and different parts of the US.)

Introduction to Linguistics
It is MIT website offering FREE course materials on line!! Of course, there are materials on linguistics, including introduction to linguistics!! But the materials are all in PDF. Anyway, have fun getting what you need!!


Website for Phonetics

Online phonetics course (U of Lausanne, Switzerland; translated from French)

X-Ray film database for speech research (Amazing x-ray videos of people talking)

Speech organs (great graphics; includes downloadable QuickTime movie of x-ray speech)

Vocal cords vibrating

Respiration and airstream mechanisms

Methods of examining larynx (further methods; vocal cords in motion)

Movement of articulators

The distinctive vowel sounds of British and American English (click to hear the sounds)

Unstressed vowels

Intro to prosody: chunking, focus, pitch (tutorial)

 Multiple articulations


Sound machines: require MS Internet Explorer

Speech Internet dictionary home page

Sound waves

Intro to speech waves and spectrograms (Lund. Sweden)

cslu - Center for Spoken Language Understanding: spectrogram tutorial, speech toolkit

Studying phonetics on the Net: excellent links (some already in this list)

The vOICe Sonification Applet  ***** My nomination for niftiest site on the Internet! Convert graphics to sound and vice-versa. FUN!!! And instructive.*****

Spectrogram version of preceding site

Types of phonation: creaky, breathy, harsh, falsetto



Speech research (USC)

 Videos available from the Acoustical Society of America



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