Treatments of Emotion in Victorian Dramatic Monologue


Love of Insanity 
by Janet Chi
In this article, you will get to see a comparison of the poem "Prophyria's Lover" and the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" 
Domineering Passion Here Azita Lir will show you her opinion about the poem "My Last Duchess." 
An Imaginative story of "After Death" After reading the poem "After Death," Eric Tseng uses his imagination to create a story which is based on the background of this poem. 
Comparison of the Three Poems This is an analysis and comparison of the three poems "The Farmer's Bride," "Prophyria's Lover," and "My Lasr Duchess" by Daphane Jan. 
Passion in Low Class Here you are going to see two analyses of the poem "The Farmer's Bride."  One is done by Karen Tsai, and the other is by Karina Chen
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 Something about "Ulysses" In this article, Jim Jou will tell you the origin of the poem "Ulyesses," and you will find that it is different from that we learn from the Greek Mythology