Breaking the  
1. nice starts 
2. fun starts 

Topics to  



  • Set up your correspondence pattern by telling your pal  
    • when you usually check your emails,
    • where you check your emails, 
    • how long it takes you to respond to his/her mail.

  • Set up your goal and suggest discussion topics that will help fulfill that goal. 
    • --Remember that the specific goal of this project is set by you and your pal. 

    Nice Starts

  •  Your major and future direction: 
    • -- Do you like your major, and what aspect of it do you like the best, or the least?  
      -- What is your plan for the future?  
  • Your hobbies, interests and pastimes
    • --What is your special hobby?  (Don't just say, "I love music, sports and reading.") 
      --Clubs in Fu Jen and sororities/fraternities in A & M. 
      --How do you relax yourself?  How do you kill a day? 
  • Your cultural/social background
    • --Where were you born?  What do you like or not like about your hometown?  
      --How do you characterize Taiwanese/American college students?  
      --current social issues and controversies 
  • Recommended: Your common interests and cultural differences
Cultural Connections  
Fun Starts
1. Web Sites and Fu Jen English "Chat rooms" 
2. What makes you unique? 


Topics to Avoid
1. See Netiquette. 

2. General topics related to personal beliefs (such as religion and love 
    are  difficult, if not impossible, to deal with via email.    

3. Controversial topics (e.g. death penalty, abortion) should be  
    approached with mutual agreement.