Selective Readings of 20th-Century Critical Theories:

Signification, Identity and Culture

Issues & Texts
Poststructuralism: Textuality, Signification and Referentiality
1. 9/19 T  Traditional Literary Criticism
2. 9/26 T Mikhail Bakhtin
"Discourse in the Novel"  (textbook I:6) 
Rabelais and his World  (textbook I:7)
heteroglossia, the carnevalesque
Ref. "Lawrence Dostoevsky, Baktin"(source)

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">3. 10/ 3 T
Roland Barthes 
"Myth Today"; 
"The Field of Cultural Semiotics" (source)
semiotics, myth and the writerly text
Ref. 神話學,寫作的零度
Elements of Semiology
4. 10/ 10 T Holiday
5.  10/17 T Jacque Derrida
"Differance"  (textbook V:8); 
"Derrida and Deconstruction" (source)
  differance and Marxist critique of it
6.  10/24 T Michel Foucault
"The Order of Things"  (textbook V:7)
Discipline and Punish  (textbook V:13)
  Discourse and power
Ref. "Foucault and the Social Sciences"  (source)
Postcolonialism: Politics of Identity
7. 10/31 T E. Said  Orientalism(textbook IX:4)
Stuart Hall  "The West and the Rest: Discourse & Power" (source
Theorizing the West
Ref.  P. Brantlinger The Rule of Darkness  (textbook IX:2)
8  11/ 7 T G. Spivak "Can the Subaltern Speak?"
Homi Bhabha, "Signs Taken for Wonder
(source: Postcolonial Studies Reader I: 3-5)
  The Possibility of Postcolonial Language/Resistance
Ref.  B. Parry. "Problems in Current Theories of Colinial Discourse"
9.   11/14 T Sara Suleri  "Woman Skin Deep: Feminism and the Postcolonial Condition"
Stuart Hall  "Cultural Identity and Diaspora"
(source: Colonial Discourse & Postcolonial Theory: 13, 22)

Gender and Cultural/Racial Identity
10. 11/21 T Summary and Application
Feminism: Gender construction and Gendered Reading
11. 11/28 T Gayle Rubin
"The Traffic in Women"  (textbook VI:2)
"Sexual Transformations" (textbookVII:2)

patriarchy, sex and gender 
 12.  12/5  T  Foucault  The History of Sexuality (textbook VII:3)
Teresa de Lauretis "The Technology of Gender" 
(textbook VII: 6)
13.   12/12 T Gilbert and Gubar  The Madwoman in the Attic (textbook VI: 8)
Adrienne Rich "Notes Toward a Politics of Location" (textbook VI:11)
feminist resistance and writing 
14.   12/19 T Locational Feminisms and Post-feminisms
"Cultural Studies:Two Paradigm"
Cultural Studies
15. 12/26 T  Horkheimer & Adorno "The Culture Industry as Mass Deception" (textbook X:3)
"Translation of Culture"  James Clifford
mass deception or  people's  culture
Ref. "Cultural Studies" (source)
16      1/2  T Holiday  
17.  1/9   T Paper presentations