Samson and Delilah by Peter Paul Rubens (1610-1613) National Gallery, London


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Jg 13, 15: Samson; Job 1,2,3,20,38,39,42: Job is tested and learns wisdom. The book of Judges is the first of the Wisdom books. It also has the character of historical writings. The Book of Job, also a Wisdom Book, differs. Job is not a historical figure; his story is a reflection on the meaning of suffering in human life. 

In Greek Mythology, the birth and childhood of most great heroes are connected with special events. Think of examples and compare them with the events that precede Samson's birth (Jg 13).
Samson is a legendary strong man and a tragic hero. Thinking of Greek Mythology, who is his Greek counterpart?
What are the character qualities that make Samson admirable? human? heroic? tragic?
The Samson stories are literary masterpieces. They have qualities that we also find in folktales: exaggeration, practical joking, posing for riddles, broad, boisterous humor. Find examples; Together these stories are a well-constructed unit: see the opening of ch. 13 and the end of ch. 16. 
In addition to making use of folktale elements, the Samson stories also contain those elements for which Bible stories are told; how? explain.

TERMS, CONCEPTS, NAMES TO REMEMBER: Book of Judges, folktales,nativity stories, Samson, Job, Satan