Fragments of Identities in
North American Postmodern Fiction and Film
Subjects and Primary Texts Theoretical/Critical Texts 
1. 2/23 Introduction: 
What is postmodernism?
Postmodern Fiction?  Postmodern Film?  Postmodern Identities?
1. *"Defining the postmodern Terrain"
2. Cf. Jencks  "The Postmodern Agenda"
3. For your reference: Chinese intro.; English intro; defintions; Bibliography on postmodern films
2. 3/1   I. Artist and Author-ity; Fiction and Reality:
John Barth's Lost in the Funhouse
focus: "Night Sea Journey," "Ambrose' Mark," "Lost in the Funhouse"
3. Metafiction: Introduction

John Barth

3. 3/8 Lost in the Funhouse (cont'd): "Title"(Amanda)
and Altman's The Player  (Helen & Sunny)
4. Roland Barthes  "The Death of the Author" (Ann Yang)
5. Michel Foucault "What is an Author?" (Vivian)
4. 3/15  Lost in the Funhouse (cont'd): "Life Story" (Sara)
Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry  (Peter & Sylvia)
6. Degli-Esposti  "Postmodernism(s)"(Buck Lee)
7. Baron  "The Player's Parody of Hollywood."
5. 3/22 II.  History, Memory and Identity
parody and pastiche
David Lynch's Blue Velvet  (Jack & Sally)
8. Jameson, Fredric.  "Postmodernism, or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism." (Ally Chang) (Bob)
9. Hutcheon "Politics of Parody."(Jessie Chiu)
10. Denzin  "Wild about Lynch." (Lawrence)
6. 3/29   Holiday
7. 4/5   Holiday
8. 4/12 Stunt Man (Buck Lee)
Kurt Vonnegut  Slaughterhouse V(Gretchen Lee)
11. Connor "Postmodernities" (Peter)
9. 4/19 Kurt Vonnegut  Slaughterhouse V (Jack & Benson)
10. 4/26   III. Media, Popular Culture and Ethnic Identity
Disappearing Moon Cafe by SKY Lee (Jessie Chiu)
a paper on Disappearing Moon Cafe
11. 5/3 Disappearing Moon Cafe by SKY Lee (Helen & Sylvia)
Atom Egoyan's Calendar (Bob)
12. 5/10   IV. Cyborg, Machine, Animal and Human Identity
Larissa Lai When Fox is a Thousand (Part I) (Vivian)
Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, (Sara & Terence)
12. Donna Haraway "A Cyborg Manifesto"(Terence & Amanda)
13. 5/17 Larissa Lai When Fox is a Thousand (pp. 107-23 & Part III)
14. 5/24 Larissa Lai When Fox is a Thousand (Part IV)
Davide Cronenberg's Videodrome
"The Landscape of Postfeminism"  (Gretchen Lee)
15. 5/31 IV. Fragments and Reconstructions
The English Patient  (Ann Yang) secs. I-III.
16. 6/7 The English Patient (Sunny & Lawrence) secs. IV-VIII
17. 6/14 Fiction & Film: The English Patient secs IX - X


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