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Issue One: Disaster
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Four questions for further study:       Learve your messages here 
1. How could we choose a safer building?  
2. Who should be responsible for the disaster of the Lincoln Big County Community?  
 3. What else can we do before the typhoon hits?  
(1)We should prepare food, flashlight and close the windows and doors  
(2)We should prevent from going to the mountain and the coast.  
(3)We should prevent from using the candle or fire.  
 4. What would you do in different situations of a fire?  
Brief Summary: 
Monthly Issue ~ Memory & Disaster  
 I. The Summary of Lincoln Big County Community Issue  
 A. When ~ August 18th,1997  
 B. Where ~ in Hsichih, Taipei County  
 C. Who ~ residents of the Lincoln Big County Community  
 D. Why ~ Typhoon Winnie  
 E. How ~ Typhoon WinnieOheavy rainOlandslideOthe collapse of the security wallOthe fall of 
the buildings  

    Typhoon Winnie struck Taiwan on August 18th,1997. It brought a lot of rain. The heavy rain led to a landslide,  which toppled the security wall that was built between the mansions and the hill and caused four buildings in Hsichih,  Taipei County to collapse. The first and second floors of the buildings were buried in the debris. Some perished in  toppling structures while others were buried in mud and drowned in the basements of flooded 
 buildings.  Many people attribute the disaster to the mansion's construction firm. Also, the cause of the disaster centered on  whether or not the builder had improperly obtained a permit to develop the land in a valley between two hills.  
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