Introduction to Western Literature, Fall, 1999

Examination on Drama

I Sentence exercises

In the following, please pick up five words and make complex sentences with the words:

1.phonetics 2. age of upstarts 3. pedantic
4. ferocity 5.morosely 6. legitimate
7. fraud 8. flinch 9. millstone
10. cogitation 11.incorrigible  

II Paragraph Essay questions:

Please answer ONE of the following questions with a paragraph that has a topic sentence.

1. Please discuss the differences between Fiction and Drama on the basis of your reading of "The Man in a Case" and The Man in a Case.

2. How would you analyze a play after you have learned the reading of Drama?

III. Elaborate Essay Questions:

    Please choose TWO questions in the following and answer them with well written paragraphs. Remember to provide a topic sentence for each paragraph and supporting evidences you can quote from the play.


    1. Please compare and contrast the original story of Pygmalion in

    mythology and Shaw's play. You may want to focus your

    discussions on the presentation of Eliza and her relationship with



    2.Please compare and contrast the ending scene of Shaw's play

    and the two moives we have seen in class (Pygmalion and My Fair

    Lady). Which ending makes more sense to you and why? Please

    provide strong evidence from the play and movies to support your



    3. Please discuss the characterization of Eliza. You may want to

    focus on her transformation into a lady. How does she change?

    What part of her is changing and what part of her is not changing?

    What makes her a lady? And what is Shaw trying to criticize with

    his characterization of Eliza? (Questions that can help you here:

    How does her change of dresses tell you about her

    "Transformation”? How does her language change? How does

    her behaviors and manners change? Do you think that she has

    changed her personality? Why or why not? How would you

    describe her performance in Mrs. Higgin's at home party? How

    would you describe her performance at the party at an embasy?

    How would you describe her appearance? How would you

    describe her performance in Act V?)(Sample Essay)


    4.Please comment on Higgins' personality basing on what you

    have seen about him (i.e. the note-taker, the host/teacher in his lab,

    and the son in Mrs. Higgin's at home and the ending scene).

    Higgins is described by his mother as being "cynical" when he

    makes his " we're all savages" speech. This should remind you of

    his other statement about life's being a " series of inspired follies."

    Do you also think that he is too cynical?(Sample Essay)


    5. Nepommuck. In what way is he different from Higgins? How

    does he use his knowledge in his career as an interpreter? What is

    your response when he calls Eliza a fraud?(Sample Essay)


    6. Language and class differences. How does the division of

    social classes become an issue in this play? How is language

    related to class divisions? How is the issue of appearance and

    reality raised and criticized in the play (hint: Eliza's appearance

    and reality being a lady v.s. Alfred Doolittle's advancement into

    the genteel class).


    7. How do you like the postscript? Do you prefer the open ending

    of Act V or the endings Shaw presents in the postscript? How do

    you respond to Eliza's choice to marry Freddy? And how

    realistic do you think is the presentation that they run a

    flowershop successfully at the end? Do you think it is possible in

    reality? Why or why not? What do you think the playwright is

    doing here?