Research and Bibliography Fall, 1999

  • Reference Tools -- The Local Libraries we Visited -- Periodicals: at NTU, at Fu Jen

  • Selective Relevant Links: (1) on Literature Resources

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    (2) on Research Writing 


    Literary Resources

    I-I. General;  I- II. Literature

    I-III. Bibliographies

    Research Writing

     II-I Writing

    II-II. Reference Works

    means recommended site.


    I-I. Research-- General Resources 

    (See also the Relevant Links of the dept. homepage and of English lit. databank)


    A.  Libraries

  • Fu Jen Library;

  • Fu Jen Online CD Rolm's (Liberal Arts Lib.instructions; Social Science Lib, instructions

  • UBitNet  全國圖書資訊網: 包括圖書搜國內期刊論文全文搜尋、國內碩博士論文等

  • Joint Library Search System  國內圖書館書目整合查詢系統

  • National Serials Union Catalog and Interlibrary Loan System  全國期刊聯合目錄暨館際合作系統

  • NTU's General Library  its list of other libraries; 

  •   UC Berkely's list ofworldwide libraries 

  • A list of virtual libraries; Chinese literature

  • Library of Congress Home Page

  • B. Online database 



  • DIALOG: a mirror site in Taiwan.  For the time being, this mirror site provides searching in databases related to business and science only. 


  • Go Com: A comprehensive gateway that offers news as well as research network for many subjects 

  • ERIC two sites: Ask Eric; from Go Com

  • Britanica. com: "a free knowledge and learning center for people who seek thoughtful and engaging context to today's affairs"

  • XRefer: Free access to over 300,000 entries - facts, words, concepts, people & quotations covering art, music, history, business, law, literature, health, science and more 

  • Encyclopedia Britanica (subscription needed)

  • Uncover (very expensive, but prompt service): A Current Awareness and Document Delivery Service


    Hypertext  & Digital Libraries 

    C. Search Engines 

  • Google

  • Yahoo! Chinese Yahoo!  蕃薯藤 Yam 

  • Northern Light

  • See English Department's Relevant Links for the other search engines, librariesand general information sites.

  • D. Gateway
    (or Major Link Collections)

  • HUMBUL (Humanities Bulletin Board)

  • Open University

  • Study Web

  • NCU English Learning Database 

  • E. Research Guides & Methods:

  • General

  • Frequently Asked Questions from Open U-- for beginners

  • Using the Internet for Research (FAQ)

  • Search Engine Showdown:  Reviews, search features, statistics, & comparisons


  • Cinema: WOMEN IN CINEMA: A Reference Guide; CINEMA STUDIES RESEARCH GUIDE (from U of T) 

  • II. Research-- Literature

    (See also   the relevant link page of Fu Jen English Literature databank; relevant links page of English and American Literature Association)


    A. Online Bibliographies on Literature and Humanities:

  • MLA Bibliography Search

  • Literary Resources on the Net (Jack Lynch)

  • Voice of the Shuttle (Alan Liu)

  • Bibliography and Literary Research (Fall 1996; Edwin Duncan; a good collection of links)

  • What we need our library to purchase: 

  • ABELL: The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature

  • B. Region and Period Studies

  • American Studies Crossroads Project 

  •               for research in American studies and teaching research writing 

  • American Literature Research Tools 

  • The English Server 

  • British History Resources - H I S T O R Y R E S O U R C E S 

  • The Labyrinth (Medieval Web maze) 

  • Contempoary Taiwanese liteature Database (當代文學史料)


    C. E-Text and Database

  • Bartleby

  • Project Gutenberg 

  • British Poetry Archive, 1780-1900 

  • Internet Poetry Archive: Seamus Heaney, Philip Levine,  Yusef Komunyakaa, Czeslaw Milosz, Robert Pinsky, Margaret Walker


  • ARTFL Project -- Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language--mostly lit. and resources in French, but also including a Web Bible and a lot of dictionaries.

  • Prject BookRead: a collection of  the classics as well as contemporary works.  Of general interest.

  • Great Literature Online -- General intro, hypertext and links.


    I-III. Bibliographies: 

    Reference Books:  LSU Library Reference Books    Resources for the study of literature and bibliography.

    English Language Authors: Web guides, bibliographies and LSU Library resource tips on a growing list of notable English language authors -- a handy tool for finding quotes, lists of works and biographical information.

    University of Michigan: "The bibliography is an ongoing attempt to build a comprehensive guide to both paper and online editions of American poets who began publishing before 1921. You will find the works arranged by a main entry point: in most cases the last name of the most authorative version of the poet's name that we have been able to locate."


    Bibliography being compiled by LSU Libraries, Special Collections. "This project is an attempt to bring together a working bibliography of Louisiana authors, their works, and biographical information." Work is still under construction.

    Inter-Play: an on-line index to plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals

    "Inter-Play provides easy access to the locations of printed plays in collections, anthologies and periodicals. Most of the plays cited are not indexed in the standard printed play indexes such as Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections or H. W. Wilson's Play Index . . . Approximately 14,400 locations are currently cited to plays in many languages."

    More on this page from Research Writing and English and American Resources