sumbul3a.gif (235 bytes)History

The Graduate Institute of English Language and Literature was established in 1975 by Fr. Pierre

The following directors are
Bro. Nicholas Koss (1982-1988)CV
Dr. Steven Berkowitz (1988-1993)
Fr. Daniel Bauer ( 07/1993-08/1996)【CV

In 1996, the institute transformed to MA program, Department of English Language and Literature. Prof. Thomas Nash, who was the chair of the English Department, took over the program.

Prof. Thomas Nash (08/1996-07/ 1999)【CVphoto
Prof. Cecilia H.C. Liu (07/1999- 07/2002)【CVphoto
Dr. Raphael Schulte (08/2002-10/2003CVphoto
Acting Chair, Prof. Thomas Nash (11/2003-7/2004

The director now is Dr. Yun-pi Yuan. (08/2004-present


sumbul3a.gif (235 bytes)Mission Statement for the MA Program

  1. To train students' skills in critical thinking, literary analysis, English language, and research. 

  2. To offer in-depth knowledge of British and American literature and world literatures in English, through courses based on faculty members' specializations and students' needs. 

  3. To use the faculty members' strengths to enhance students' understanding of cultural interactions in order to stimulate the students to relate their training to the local context and to prepare them for future careers related to English language and/or literature. 


sumbul3a.gif (235 bytes)Special Features

  • The English Department provides an excellent learning environment and variety of literature courses to stimulate students' research potentialities, in order to help students gain in-depth knowledge of British and American literature  and develop the ability of comprehending and analyzing English literature and culture.

  • The faculty of foreign and Chinese professors is highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated.

  • All courses, except Chinese, are taught in English, providing everyday, direct practice in thinking and communicating in English.

  • The College of Foreign Languages also includes Departments of Japanese, Spanish, French, and German as well as an Italian department and independent M.A. programs in Linguistics and in Translation & Interpretation. There is also a Ph.D. program in Comparative Literature.


updated: 2008/03/17

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