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Fall, 2001
English Dept. Undergraduate Courses: 
Shakespeare: Ray Schulte (Use IE 5.0) Linguistics: Yun-Pi Yuan & Tom Nash
Western Civilization: Joseph Murphy  Child Language:Thomas Nash
Canadian Film and Literature: Survival in Postmodern Cities: Kate Liu Junior Composition and Conversation: Sec D: Cecilia Liu
    Sec: E: Kate Liu
Graduate Courses: 
Cultural Studies: Representation and Identity  Kate Liu

Other English-Related Course
Readings in Modern English for English Minors Foreign Language (English): Daphne Lin, Alice Lee,     Beatrice Hsu, Jenny Peng, Tracy Su
Composition I(SOCE.): Terri Yueh Modern and Contemporary U.S. Drama (SOCE): Cecilia Liu
Vocabulary and Reading: Quantity Reading  (SOCE): Lydia Tseng & Patrice Yang  20th Century English Literature (SOCE): Cecilia Liu

Technical Instructions