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WebSter's Dictionary 2.0 - spell checker for WWW documents. Enter a URL and this program will retrieve the document and spell check it.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Online English Dictionaries - collection of dictionaries and texts.
Online Rhyming Dictionary - retrieve a list of words that rhyme with a given input word.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 Edition - an older dictionary, but with all the common words and a rich source of definitions of obsolete words.
Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary - find rhymes online.
Dictionary Computing Free online dictionary of computing.
Casey's Snow Day Reverse Dictionary (and Guru)
DICT Development Group - simultaneously search several dictionaries using freely available client/server software.
Dictionary of American Regional English - specializes in regional words and phrases.
Gaulish-English Dictionary - Gaulish spoken in Gaul and Belgium before the Romans conquered the land in 52BC.
Hypertext Webster Interface
Information Please - from the print reference database, offering millions of useful and interesting facts on a wide range of topics online. Also includes a dictionary and encyclopedia.
Lexical FreeNet - this program allows you to search for rhymes and relationships between words and concepts that might never have occurred to you.
Middle English Dictionary - offers a comprehensive analysis of lexicon and usage for the period 1100-1500, based on the analysis of a collection of over three million citation slips.
Casey's Snow Day Dictionary. You supply the definitions, it supplies the words, often the wrong ones. No use whatsoever as a reference tool, but very amusing.
Hypertext Webster. With links to the definitions of words used in each definition, allowing progressive vocabulary development.
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.
OneLook Dictionaries. A one-stop resource which searches a large number of dictionaries at once.
A web of online dictionaries by Robert Beard
Yahoo Dictionary Page. Large list of bilingual dictionaries and dictionaries for specific purposes, such as slang.
Grammar Help
English For Internet   the sites provide free online classes in writing, grammar for ESL teachers and students
Grammar Help   Interactive Language Exercises on the web made by Ruth and HUT and the last section  contains a wealth of information liked from a variety of web sites
A guide to Grammar and Writing    Need help with grammar or writing? This site has many helpful grammar explanations, as well as an opportunity to submit  grammar or writing questions. It also has quizzes on specific grammar points, as well as tips on improving your writing style alt.usage.english. A discussion list for grammar points.
An overview of English article usage for speakers of English as a Second Language
Elements of Style . By William Strunk, Jr. Standard guide to American English usage.
English Grammar Clinic. From the Digital Education Network and Lydbury English Centre.
Grammar Help Page . From Ruth Vilmi.
Grammar Online. Focuses on the passive voice
Forming plurals of Greek- and Latin-derived nouns
Grammar Safari. How to look for grammatical forms on the WWW, and how to practice these forms once you've found them. Quite complicated.
Grammar and Style. A list of grammar and style guides on the WWW.
Grammar and Style Notes. A guide by Jack Lynch, at the University of Pennsylvania.
Mary Nell's Grammar Summaries and Explanations.
A Guide to Grammar and Writing. From sentences, through paragraphs, to essays.
HyperGrammar. An online grammar course from the University of Ottawa Writing Centre.
Interactive English Language Exercises. Mixed level fill-in-the-gaps tests.
Jonathan Revusky's JAVA-powered English Grammar Pages. Intermediate and advanced level exercises, mainly for Spanish and French speakers. Also includes some pronunciation.
The King's English. H. W. Fowler's classic book on British English usage. This is nearly 100 years old, so clearly it is more sensible to consult a recent paper edition of Modern English Usage for serious work.
On-Line English Grammar. From the Digital Education Network
  • Artlex. Dictionary of visual art
  • Astronomy. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's glossary of terms
  • BritSpeak. A short list of everyday differences between American and British English.
  • Cool Word of the Day. Defines a new word every day. Archive of past words.
  • Computers: 'PC Webopedia', an encyclopaedia and search engine for computing and IT
  • Jesse's Word of the Day. From Random House.
  • Idioms of the Day. From the Cobuild Bank of English.
  • Internet: Netglos-English. A dictionary of internet terms.
  • The Jargon File. A dictionary of technical jargon.
  • Law. The WWLIA legal dictionary
  • Life science dictionary from BioTech
  • Online Music Dictionary.
  • Project Bartleby. Search for usage in a corpus of mainly literary works.
  • Vocabulary University. Provider of online vocabulary puzzles
  • Washington Post Business Glossary
  • A Word a Day. A new word every day, with definition and audio for pronunciation
  • Words-R-Us. A new word every day, on a weekly theme

  • WordWatch, Weekly commentary on current English from Cobuild
    Words to Live By
    Bartlett's Familiar Quotations  - passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources.
    Land of Quotes  - ever-expanding collection of quotations.
    Aaron Fuegi's Fortunes Page - more quotes, just right for your .sig file.
    Advertising Quotes - quotations about advertising and the ad industry, by famous and not-so-famous people.
    Alfred's Greatest Hits - collected wit and wisdom from Alfred, the mythical character living at The Clarion Hotel on Route 101 near SFO.
    Alison's Favorite Quotations - short collection of poetry excerpts and quotations.
    Anarchist Sampler - anarchism-related quotations, organized by topic.
    Annabelle's Quotation Guide - organized by topic & author. Quote of the week and weekly newsletter.
    Aparna's Quotations Page - a collection of quotes gathered over the years.
    Aphorisms Galore - find witty sayings by author or category, read background info, and contribute favorite sayings.
    Best of Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - selected quotations from the seminal work on Ancient Rome.
    Betsy's Quotation Page
    Book of Famous Quotes
    Brendan Connell's Quotes Page
    Butterfly Dilemma: Quote Page - quotes of all kinds plus information on a weekly email list.
    Carrie's Compilation of Cool Quotes - sorted by category, with an option to submit others to be added to the list.
    Ceez's Quotes - quotes about love, marriage and other things as well.
    Cheryl's Quotations - some of my favorites!
    Classic Quotations - inspiring, meaningful, funny quotes for free.
    Cole's Quotables
    Conner's Unfamiliar Quotations - regarding feminism, religion, metaphysics, and humor, which could be in Bartlett's but aren't.
    Conventional Wisdom - selected quotations illustrating the illusions of popular history.
    Cool Quotes Collection - from Voltaire to restroom graffiti.
    Curmudgeon Quotelist - selected quotations emphasizing acerbic and biting cynicism.
    Diane's Quote Page - some random, but cool, quotes for everyday life.
    Famous Quotations - all quotes are in alphabetical order by last name.
    Favorite Quotes by Eli Khamarov - "Most people are awaiting Virtual Reality; I'm awaiting virtuous reality," and other quotes by Eli Khamarov.
    Flummery Digest, The - large, indexed collection of news items drawing attention to the pervasive influence of political correctness, among other things.
    Gabriel's Horn - random Bible quotes.
    Gem of Proverbs and Poems
    Generation Terrorists - hand-picked quotes for all sorts of situations and different themes.
    Good Quotes by Famous People  - Gabriel Robins' collection of funny quotes by famous people
    Great Aviation Quotes - collection of aviation related quotations.
    Greg's Holy Quotes of Antiquity
    Jefferson, Thomas@
    Jim's Favorite Famous Quote, Quip, Axiom, and Maxim Repository - collection of quotes in a wide variety of categories from a wider variety of speakers.
    Joakim's Quotes & Aphorisms - famous and not so famous quotes, from Churchill, Shakespeare, Kennedy, and Frost
    Kerrie's Quote Page - sorted by category.
    Labor Quotes - compendium of quotes on subjects for the interest and use of those involved in labor-related struggles
    Larry Charbonneau's Quotes Page
    List of Quotations about Libraries and Librarians
    Love and Marriage Quotations
    Love Quotes Encyclopedia - quotes from movies, songs, operas, individuals and more.
    Mad Amishman: Thoughts for the Day
    Mathematical Quotation Server
    Mathematics Quotations from Platonic Realms - collection of mathematical quotes.
    Maxims of Madame de Sable - translations of the 81 maxims and a brief intro to her life and salon in 17th century Paris.
    Mfx' Quotations
    Michael Moncur's Quotations Page  - includes links to lists of quotations, quotes of the day, and a form to search for quotes matching a key.
    On Matters of Most Grave Concern - thoughts of philosophers and kings, politicians, famous persons, and wise-but-not-so-famous persons.
    Oneliners and Proverbs - quotes that provoke laughter or deep thoughts.
    Page Of Quotology - quote collection and other stuff.
    Proverbs and Sayings - searchable database of proverbs and sayings. In English and Dutch.
    Psycho-Proverb Zone - collection of provoking and hilarious quotes.
    Quotation Guide - large collection of quotes, arranged by topic.
    Quotation Server - for those who share an interest in quotes and quotations.
    Quotations - dozens of quotes from famous and not so famous people throughout history.
    Quotations by Subject
    Quotations From Hell - for the roving cyber-cynic in search of stimulating and amusing comments from some of the worlds great minds and wits.
    Quotations of William Blake - thought-provoking quotations from the revolutionary poet.
    Quotations Site - includes quotes on a wide variety of topics.
    Quotes from A to Z - quotes in both Swedish and English.
    Quotes, Quotes, and ... More Quotes - topics include love, friendship, happiness, knowledge, children, religion, faith, and more.
    Quotez - arranged by hundreds of subjects.
    Quotingman's Famous Quote Page - famous and not so famous quotes by famous and not so famous people.
    Say WHAT? - a collection of some favorite quotes from people of all walks of life.
    Sharon's Quotes Page - includes authors, public figures, scientists, artists, Calvin & Hobbes, Simpsons, Sark, and more.
    Slainte! Toasts, Blessings, and Sayings - includes Irish toasts, blessings, and more.
    Snow's Quotation Treasury - a collection of both quotes and short essays.
    This Great Justiciary - selection of famous quotes from the pages of history.
    Time Enough For Love: The Quotes
    Web Directory: Quotation Ring - links together web sites with collections of quotations; opt to browse sites sequentially, or to see a list of all in the ring.
    Wisdom Quotes - inspiring and challenging quotes for many occasions.
    Words of Women - database of insightful quotations by historic and contemporary women from Abigail Adams to Oprah Winfrey; includes free quote search.
    Words to Live By - Yada - words of wisdom from some of the most inspiring people in history.
    Wright, Frank Lloyd@
    Zach Blocker's Quote Page - reflecting on the simple meaning of life, individualism, and happiness.
    Usenet - alt.quotations
    Usenet - alt.sigs.and.quotes

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