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Specialized on-line Resources  
Literature-oriented  Research
國外文學資料庫-- literature-related sites, introduction in Chinese
國內文學研究網站-- local literary studies sites, in Chinese
中華民國比較文學協會--The Association of Comparative literature, ROC
線上資源(比研所)On-line resources relevant to Comparative literature, critical theories and Canadian studies.  (collected by Comparative Literature Program, Fu Jen)   Mostly in Chinese
English Literature Databank
Web Ring --an interesting site for web surfers!  Each "ring" serves as a gateway to web sites under a certain subject or topic.  For instance,  from the Arts and Humanities | Literature.
Literature and Hypertext
Literature and Literary Criticism
Literary Arts WebRing
Art and Material Culture
Labyrinth-- resouces on Medieval literature and culture
Poetry Webring
Ring of Books
Ring of Fairy Tales
Folk Tales and Mythology
Kurt Vonnegut's Chrono-Synclastic Infundibula
The American Studies Web a comprehensive and fully searchable guide to online American Studies resources(created by David Phillips)
Asian American Studies
Eonomy and Politics
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Resources,
Historical and Archival Resources,
Philosophy and Religion, Region and Environment,
Sociology and Demography
Women's Studies,
研究方法與論文寫作及英美文學資源--Research writing, links to local English departments and resources on English and American literature; mostly in Chinese
Discovery School Store, Great Books series --Click on each title, and you will get to a page with program preview, as well as the links to on-line activities, related resources, study questions, etc.
News And Magazines

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