Junior Composition and Conversation:
Career, Popular Culture and Formal Presentations
Tentative Schedule, Spring, 1999
Course Description
    Activity and Topic
Assignments due 

 I. Description: Describing an object or a person

1.3/2 (T)
      image game¡Xvisualizing your object
Video: "Carried Away"
Keep working on your research paper!
  3/5 (F) 12:30 - 1:30 A visit to the computing center SF 550: 
1. register on the webclass, 2. downloading music file
      describing a person you know
instructions on writing a descriptive essay 
2. 3/9 (T)
  • event/mood description: using "Ironic" and "Nightride Home" as examples
  chatroom visit
"Ironic" (music) --Lyric
"Night" (music) --Lyric
   3/12 (F)
    1. news about education 2. Games
    Current Events: English Education--elementary and your ideas
    -- Well, how about playing some games, too? 
description--1st draft
3. 3/16 (T)
  • Reading, sharing and responding --making your description concrete and suggestive
  3/19 (F) research paper--2nd draft
II. Resume, application letter and/or personal statement
4. 3/23 (T) Resume, application letter Search for a job wanted and/or a graduate program.
      Free discussion: How do I choose my future direction? How do I work for it?
   3/26 (F)  Individual conferences 1st journal -4 entries
5. 3/30 (T)
    Mini-Conference(MC-1); [Choosing your object of observation]
Application porfolio--1st draft
   4/2 (F) Class Suspended; Time for observation description--2nd draft (Thurs)
6. 4/ 6 (T) 
    4/ 9 (F)
Holiday -- Time for observation
7. 4/13 (T)  Statement of purpose for school application 
  4/16 (F) 
8. 4/20 (T)
    (MC- 2) --discuss the results of your observation & find out a tentative thesis 
  4/23 (F) Mid-Term Exam
9. 4/27 (T)
    (MC- 3)
2nd journal - 4 entries
(one chatroom visit, one oral practice, one listening practice) 
   4/30 (F) Observation paper--
1st draft
10.5/4  (T)  Group work: Editing and Analysis
    5/7 (F) audio files [optional]--1. Providence
2. at Lingua Center
3. CNN audioselect
Application porfolio--2nd draft
11.5/11 (T)  Grammar: Frequently-made Errors
and George and Rosemary
research paper--final
    5/ 14 (F)
Group work: Designing & Illustration
Observation paper--copy-editting your groupmate's paper. 
12.5/18 (T) (MC- 4
    5/21 (F)
      Chatting time (topic to be decided)
13. 5/25 (T)
(MC- 5
      5/28 (F)
      A 15-min report on the result of your observation ; facing challenges
Observation paper--  2nd draft due
IV. Research paper
14.   6/1(T)
Research paper conference
3rd journal --2 entries
     6/4 (F)
Research paper conference
15. 6/8 (T)
Research paper conference
  6/ 11  (F)
Research paper conference
16  6/15 (T)
Discussion of the conference or party?
      6/18  (F)
17.  6/22 (T)
Final Exam