Tentative Schedule
1 Introduction to the course;  
Introduction to Computer-assisted language learning (CALL); 
2 Uploading your web page; 
Making an HTML files; 
3 Introduction to the Fu-Jen Web-Class System;  
4 Introduction to development of CAI;
CAI Design Procedure;
Personal home page due(15%)
5 Interface Design
6 CAI Design Procedure;
Pre-design: Preparation;
7 Human Factors (Steinberg Chap. 6)
8 Instructional Web Pages;
Web Page Evaluation;
About Designs;
Courseware evaluation; 
Preliminary project descriptions due(15%)
9 Mid-term Presentation  
Mid-term Presentation 
10 Mid-term Presentation  
Mid-term Presentation  
11 Flowcharting;  
Test Construction (I);
12 Test Construction (II);  
13 Multimedia/Hypermedia; 
IACD Multimedia Sources; 
Flowchart due(10%)
14 Making MP3 files; Storyboards due(15%)
15 Review  
16 Final Presentation Final Presentation(20%)
17 Final Presentation Final Presentation
18 Final Presentation Final Presentation