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Junior Composition and Conversation
Tentative Schedule, Spring, 2001
Last updated 4/10, 2001
    Activity and Topic
Assignments due 

 I. Job preparation

1.2/19 (T) General introduction
Role Play: Meeting Strangers
Keep working on your research paper!
Search for a job wanted and/or a graduate program.
  2/23 (F) Resume, application letter and building your personal profile
  • Main index; Application Letters: How to Sell Yourself (from OWL)
  • Your Resume... (from OWL)
  • The Resume: Making it work for you (from OWL; handouts)
  • 才庫人力網; 中時人力萬象網; 求職寶典青輔會Job section of dept.'s relevant links
  • A survival guide for college graduates

    Resume and Cover Letter
    Resume ppt
    2. 2/26 (T) Statement of purpose for school application or Autobiography
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Reference: Letter Format
  •    3/2 (F) Sharing and Responding
    3. 3/6 (T)
      3/9 (F) research paper--2nd draft
    II. Observation (classification+description):
    1. People: people in a certain activitiy, in a certain place (dorm, MacDonald's) or unit(English department), foreigners on campus, BBS participants,
    2. Social Events: News of the Week, 3. Entertainments: a park's morning activities, a shopping center, pubs, English dept students' favorite entertainments/idols; or any observable social phenomenon.
    4. 3/13 (T)
        Current News and Brain Storming [Choosing your object of observation]
    Application porfolio due;
    journal 1 due (one on your experience of meeting strangers)
    3/16 (F) Presenting your classification project, its data and possible categories Ref. Classification; Classification Planner
    Classification ppt
    5. 3/20 (T)
    Individual conference [observation; collecting data]
       3/23 (F)
      BBS observation
    Observation draft I
    classification e.g.  BBS ppt
    6. 3/27(T) 
    Mini-Conference(MC-1); Grace and Nicola
    Discussion: What are the components of good presentations?
    Observation draft I (Cont'd)
    3/30 (F)
    Sharing and Responding
    7. 4/3 (T) 
      Spring Break
     4/6 (F)
      Spring Break
    III. Observation-Analysis
    8. 4/10 (T) Analysis paper: brain storming
    Mini-Conference(MC- 2): Sophie
    Possible topics for analysis
    research paper--final draft
     4/13 (F) No Class 2nd journal - 3 entries
    (one about online learning)
    9. 4/17 (T)
    Observation draft II
      4/20 (F)
    (MC- 3) : Andrey, Ellen, Jenny
    10.4/24  (T) audio files [optional]--1. Providence
    2. at Lingua Center
    3. CNN audioselect
    Observation-Analysis  paper--
    1st draft
        4/27 (F) Sharing and responding
    Analysis ppt
    11.5/1 (T)
      Role play: choosing one analysis topic and perform a story about it in class--remember to imply your main point.
        5/ 4 (F)
    (MC- 4): Kelly, Michelle, Anita and Nicole.
    Observation-Analysis--2nd draft
    IV. Process of Revision
    12.5/8 (T) English correctness Contest  Getting another comment on your chosen paper
        5/11 (F) Revision 1: Rethinking
    Revision ppt.
    13. 5/15 (T)
      (MC- 5) : Christin, Zoe, Cindy, Joanna
          5/18 (F) Revision 2: Re-Shaping
        Chatting time (topic to be decided)
    14.   5/22(T) Revision 3: Copy-Editting Basic format ppt; 
    Syntax ppt

    V. Research paper
     5/25 (F)
    Research paper conference
    Revision paper--  3 draft due
    15. 5/29 (T)
    Research paper conference
      6/ 1  (F)
    Research paper conference
    3rd journal --2 entries
    16  6/5 (T)
    Research paper conference
          6/8  (F)
    Discussion of the conference or party?
    Final Exam Week
    Grammar check;
  • Run-ons - Comma Splices - Fused Sentences (from OWL)A
  • Common Errostrs in English (from Hong Kong VLC)
  • Frequent Errors of our own