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The animations listed here can be found  in either the Fu Jen Multimedia Center (search) or 
Midi Center at the English Department of Central University. 

Please contact Kate Liu for source information or go to National Film Board of Canada's Categories List of Animated Materials

I. At Central University -- (C)

Animation Festival
Discuss It  3500000006
Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites 3500000036
Rights from the Heart  3500000031
The Art of the Animators (C-Library) 9003386; 9003387; 9003388
Other Collections 

  • AUTOMANIA  3500000027
  • BOB'S BIRTHDAY 3500000002
  • BORDERLINES 3500000018
  • ICARUS/ICARE 3500000028
  • LONG ENCHANTMENT,THE  3500000012
  • LORD OF THE SKY 3500000013 
  • PIES  3500000016
  • WHO ARE WE?  3500000022
  • WHY ME?  3500000023
  • I. At Fu Jen  University

    Frame by Frame (1-12)
    New British Animation
    Norman McLaren: Pioneer of Innovative Animation.
    The Best of the 23rd international Tournee of Animation  741.5 An598 Ve

    Discussion Starters: speaking fluency activities for advanced ESL/EFL students.  NFB.  Length: 25:36.  (for discussion, for learning, for relaxation)

    Scenes from the Surreal  58 mins.
    "Svankmajer is a master of magical surrealism, melding clay animation, live action and stop animation techniques, constructing startling scenarios inspired by his childhood and his dreams."--Washington Post

    Darkness Light Darkness
    A fragmented man emerges out of the darkness to construct his physical self with help--and hindrance--from some very insistent bodyparts. 7 minutes. Color.

    Manly Games
    A soccer match as could only be interpreted by Svankmajer--in which balls bang off coffins more often than goalposts, and "taking out a man" is considerably more important than scoring goals! 14 minutes. Color.

    Death of Stalinism
    A summing up of Svankmajer's lifelong struggle against oppression, Death of Stalinism is an iconoclastic and humorous look at the mythic downfall of Stalinism in Czechoslovakia. 10 minutes. Color.

    Jan Svankmajer: The Animator of Prague
    A BBC Production directed by James Marsh
    The extraordinary animation of Jan Svankmajer has amazed and delighted audiences for over three decades, influencing everyone from the Brothers Quay to Steven Spielberg. In this documentary we join Svankmajer at work on his latest creation, and see scenes from his earlier films, as the "secrets" to his amazing techniques are revealed. 27 minutes. Color.

    Masters of Animation--Volume 2: Great Britain, Italy, France (A series four programs produced and directed by John Halas) (Home Vision) (Color, 1996, 87 mins)

    Over 10 years in the making, Masters of Animation represents the peak achievement of 7,00 artists from 13 countries. Produced and directed by John Halas, former president of the International Animated Film Association and award-winning animator, the series provides an opportunity to experience the exciting diversity of the world's leading animation artists. In addition, viewers are treated to examples of state of the art animation technology.
    Volume 2


    Within the European community Great Britain played a leading role in establishing animation as sophisticated entertainment. Interviews with John Halas, Joy Batchelor, and John Coates combine with works by Dunning, Godfrey, Brbic, and others to present the best of British animation.


    The humor and artistry of Italian animation have their origins in the Renaissance. Emanuele Luzzati and Giulio Gianini dicuss their films, while excerpts from the work of Manfredi, Cavandoli, Manuli, Lagana and Bozzetto round out this overview.


    France was a leader in the development of animated pictures. Today French animators use a wide variety of styles and techniques. Works by Brimault, Alexeieff, Parker, Foldes, Lenica, Laguionie and the Gaumont Studis illustrate this variety.
    Masters of Animation--Volume 3: USSR, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary (A series four programs produced and directed by John Halas) (Home Vision) (Color, 1996, 113 mins)

    Summary:  Volume 3


    With some 25 studios spread over its territory, the USSR has a long tradition of animated film making. The work of such artists as Ivanov-Vano, Atamanov, Vinokurov, Shvartzman, Kurchevsky, and Norstein exhibits a remarkable variety of animated styles.


    In the past few decades Zagerb Film has become one of the most active centers of European animation. Interviews with Vukotic, Stalter, Dragic and Dovnikovic and works by Majdak and Gasparovic illustrate the diversity of Yugoslavian animation.


    In Poland animated programs are popular for all ages. Works by Giersz, Kijowicz, Kucia, Dumala and Szczechura illustrate the skill and humor with which Polish artists carry out their themes.


    The widely diverse styles of Hungarian animation artists have produced many animated feature films. These works are represented by Mackassy, Dargay, Nepp, Varga, Rofusz, Reisenbuchler, Jankovics and Gemes.

    Neurotica: Middle-age Spread and Other Life Crises
    A Collection     NFB: 1995    Length: 53 min 31 sec

    What's so funny about turning 40? Or unrequited love? Or sagging egos and body parts? Or bad plumbing? Find out in Neurotica, a collection of five award-winning animated films including: Bob's Birthday: When Margaret plans a celebration for her husband, Bob, she underestimates the sudden impact of middle age on his mood (12 min. 18 sec.); No Problem: A not-so-young bachelor facing another lonely, rain-sodden Saturday with neurosis fast setting in (12 min. 42 sec.); George and Rosemary: A romantic comedy about two golden agers who prove that passion is not exclusively for the young (8 min. 48 sec.); Strings: A vivid portrait of two strangers in adjoining apartments whose comfortable connections are compromised when a problem arises (10 min. 19 sec.); and The Big Snit: A look at two simultaneous conflicts, the macrocosm of global nuclear war and the microcosm of a domestic quarrel (9 min. 49 sec.).
    Neurotica 2: More Mania, Monsters and Middle-Age Dread
    Les Drew, Richard Condie, John Weldon, Eunice Macaulay, Brad Caslor, Janet Perlman, Derek Lamb
    NFB: 1995     Length: 60 min 00 sec
    Do you ever feel like life isn't getting easier--it's just getting weirder? Well, you're not alone! Journey into the tangled undergrowth of the human mind through six animated shorts that explore the amusing side-effects of adult anxiety. Shyness: Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster--unfortunately, he's too shy to go out and frighten anyone! But even a guy with big feet and bolts in his neck can find happiness (9 min. 26 sec.). Getting Started: The clock is ticking and there's a lot of work to be done... if only there weren't so many damnable distractions! Procrastination prevails in this romp from Richard Condie, creator of Oscar-nominees The Big Snit and La Salla (12 min. 22 sec.). Special Delivery: Fate unfolds with mysterious serendipity when Ralph's failure to shovel the front stairs leads to disastrous results. Suddenly, the mailman is dead, and Ralph's wife has vanished... forever! (7 min. 7 sec.). Get a Job: What's worse than being unemployed? Having to face the horrors of looking for work! Bob Dog rides a rollercoaster of anxieties in this musical with a message (10 min. 31 sec.). Why Me?: Poor Nesbitt Spoon races through a mixed bag of emotions when he finds out he's only got five minutes to live (9 min. 22 sec.). Scant Sanity: Peek into the psyche of a man teetering on the edge of reality, as a simple job interview unleashes strange voyages of fantasy (11 min. 28 sec.).
    Droits au Coeur Volet 1: Rights from the Heart
    Therese Descary, producer    NFB: 1992     Length: 36 min 01 sec
    The first of three collections based on the values proclaimed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child consists of seven animated stories about children in various situations for five- to eight-year olds. A child's right to an education is addressed in 1, 2, 3, Coco (3 min. 37 sec.). Papa is about a child's right to be heard (4 min. 13 sec.). T.V. Tango explores the theme of the influence of television violence in relation to a child's right to wholesome leisure activities (3 min. 44 sec.). The Orange deals with a child's right to adequate nourishment (4 min. 49 sec.). A child's right to respect and freedom from harassment is treated in Door to Door (4 min. 9 sec.). International adoption and abandoned children in the Third World are treated in A Family for Maria, a film addressing a child's right to family life (5 min. 20 sec.). To See the World: From the window of a train, a child discovers the problems plaguing the world and imagines solutions to promote the happiness of children everywhere (9 min. 25 sec.). A resource guide is included. (Awards: Ottawa; Columbus; Chicago; Giffoni.)
    Droits au Coeur 3: Rights from the Heart
    Therese Descary, producer    NFB: 1998     Length: 50 min 05 sec
    The third of three collections based on the values proclaimed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child consists of seven animated stories about teenagers for 13- to 17-year olds. This collection contain: Duel (6 min. 45 sec.), Narco Blues (8 min. 14 sec.), The Cora Player (7 min. 5 sec.), Locked (5 min. 54 sec.), Trade (6 min. 37 sec.), Masks (8 min. 12 sec.) and Deathtrap (7 min. 3 sec.). An international co-production initiated by the National Film Board of Canada, with the Burkina Faso, Cuba, India and the Czech republic. (Award: Giffoni.)~ from National Film Board of Canada

    Nice Girls ... Films by and about Women (For mature viewers only)
      Animation and short films on various aspects of women's lives today.  The films deal with issues of rape, cosmetics, female ejeculation, etc. and challenge our typical ways of thinking.


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