Theories of 
Nation, Nationalism and National Identity 
Important Issues for Discussion
  1. General Introduction 總論:

  2. 國家形成-歷史、語言、政府、國家主體、國家(民族)主義 . 
  3. 種族、性別、階級(國家+後殖民主義、性別研究、馬克思主義
Abstracts of Important Writings
  1. Anderson, Benedict. Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism. rev. ed. NY: Verso, 1991  Chaps. 1-3

  3. Balibar, Etienne & Immanuel Wallenstein. Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities. NY: Verso, 1991.  "The Nation Form" 

  5. Guibernau, Montserrat Nationalisms: The Nation-State and Nationalism in the Twentieth Century Introd. ; Chaps 2-3

  7. Brennan "The National Longing for Form"

  9. [假台灣人專輯] . 《島嶼邊緣》2.4 (1993.7). 

  11. 台灣本土運動與台灣主體辯論

I. General Theory and History 

II. Nationalism, imperialism and postcolonialism 

III. National Identity and Immigration 

IV. Nationalism and Sexuality 

V. Nations and National cultures 

  1. Asia 
  2. India 
  3. Taiwan/China 
  4. Hong Kong 
  5. Canada 
  6. the Carribbean
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This bibliography was first prepared for the course  國家敘述與後殖民論述. offered in Fall,1996 in the Comparative Literature Graduate Program of Fu Jen University.  Kate Liu 
 * -- Those selected for course discussion 

I. General Theory and History

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--sees the social roots of nationalism in industrial social organization. 

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II. Nationalism, imperialism and postcolonialism

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(An interesting critique of Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature & Nation and Narration)
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III. National Identity and Immigration

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IV. Nationalism and Sexuality

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V. Nations and National cultures

A. Asia

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B. India

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C. Taiwan /China

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D. Hong Kong

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E. Canada

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F. the Carribbean

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