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I. Psychoanalysis: Language of the Mind, Desire and Trauma

1. 9/18


2. 9/25


3. 10/2
  • General Introduction: Issues related to Writing/Discourse, Narrative and Space
Sigmund Freud (Norton 931-955) Stories of the Mind--Dream and the Uncanny
The Interpretation of Dreams Chaps V & VI (excerpts);
  • example: "Mindscape"

ref. Interpretation of Dreams (full text; ref. 1; 2 )

Your author and the famous cases
1, 2

4. 10/9

Sigmund Freud: Narcissism and Melancholia

'The "Uncanny" ref: "The Uncanny and its Poetics"*1
"On Narcissism: An Introduction"

  • ref:"Creative Writers and Day-Dreaming"
1, 2, 3
5. 10/16

Sigmund Freud: Trauma and Repetition Compulsion
"Mourning and Melancholia" *2
Beyond the Pleasure Principle (excerpt) *2

  • ref. Caruth "Traumatic Departures"*3
Didion The Year of Magical Thinking (excerpt)
1, 2, 3, 4
6. 10/23

Jacques Lacan (Norton 1278-1310): Desire, the Other and Language
"The Agency of the Letter in the Unconscious"

ref. "The ego and the Imaginary" "Sexuality and the Symbolic Order"*4

Lacan, Jacques
"Yellow Wallpaper" or "The Dead"
7. 10/30

Jacques Lacan (Norton 1278-1310): Desire, the Other and Language
"The Signification of the Phallus"

  • ref. "Language and the Unconscious";*4 "What is a Discourse?"*1
The case of Elizabeth Bishop
1, Hugo Tseng
8. 11/6
  • Interpretation & Application: Writing the Selves

"The Indirections of Desire: Hamlet"*1
"Autobiographical times"*5
"Psychoanalytic Narratives" *6

Your examples

2. Marxism, Foucault and Bordieu: Subject in Discourse and Social Space

9. 11/13

General Introduction & Karl Marx (Norton 759-787) : Capitalism and Social Relations
From  Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844,
From The German Ideology,
From Capital

  • ref. "The Relevance of Class"*7
The Corporation

The Corporation Summary
10. 11/20

Louis Althusser (Norton 1476 - 1509): Ideology and Social Formation
"Ideology and State Apparatus"

  • ref. "Althusser's Theory of Ideology" *8
Your examples
11. 11/27

Terry Eagleton 
Criticism and Ideology chaps 2-3 *9

  • ref. Eagleton chap 5
Your examples
12. 12/4

Michel Foucault --Discourse and Power
"Penopticism" "The Carceral" (from Discipline and Punish) *10

  • ref. "Imperfect Panopticism: Envisioning the Construction of Normal Lives" *11
13. 12/11

Henri Lefebvre The Production of Space (excerpts) *12

  • ref. "Spatial Criticism"*13
Your examples
14. 12/18

David Harvey "The experience of space and time" from The Condition of Postmodernity *14

  • ref. "Metaphors to Live by: Landscapes as Systems of Social Reproduction"*15
Blade Runner
15. 12/25 Holiday  
16. 1/1


17. 1/8

Spatial Categories: Habitus, Local, Location and Locale

Pierre Bourdieu "Structures, habitus and practices." *16
Probyn, Elspeth. "Travels in the Postmodern: Making Sense of the Local."*17

Habitus: 1. 2
outline 1, 2
Your examples


3. Presentation

18. 1/15
Paper Presentation


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