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Fall, 1999 English Department Courses Fall, 1999 Other English-Related Courses

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Fall, 1999 English Dept. Undergraduate Courses: 
  • Introduction to English Literature: 

  • Sec A  Bro. Nicholas Koss;   Sec B Doris Chang
  English Dept. Graduate Course: Comparative Literature Graduate Course:
Fall, 1999 Other English-Related Course
  • English Reading (General English of the College of Liberal Arts )
  • Grammar and Writing (Night Division English Dept.): Terri Yueh
  • Educational Media (College of Foreign Languages and Literature):   Robert Chu
      Databank Highlight 

    Composition and Conversation
  •  tesol
  • writing lab
  • Short Films, Long Talks . . .  Using Animated Short Films in English Classes
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Online Multimedia Teaching Materials
  • Videos-- for teaching English Language, Literature and Culture

    Engllish Literature
  • Blues
  • Ekphrasis
  • U.S. Literature
  • World Lit. in English
  • World Cultures & Religions
  • Canadian Lit. and Film

    Literary Criticism
  • Postmodernism


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