Literary Criticism:

From Self to Subjectivity

Kate Liu and Gillian Feng Fall, 1999
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Tentative Syllabus

Date Texts Assignment

I. New Criticism and Formalism--  unified text and independent self

1. 9/20
Introduction: appreciation, interpretation and criticism

e.g. "Mindscape" and "Metaphor" 

  • review "A Rose for Emily" (questions)
  • and/or¡q¥À¿Ë¡r¤ý¤å¿³
  • read Lit Crit 31-40
  • 2. 9/27
    theory + method: 
    -- form as organism-- image, tone, irony
    1st journal; and read
  • Keats' "Ode on Melancholy"; 
  • "A Slumber did my Spirit Seal"; 
  • 3. 10/ 4
    different "forms" of Romantic selves--
    Any examples from popular songs?
    -- Keats's "Ode on Melancholy" as an example
      1st journal due
    read "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" and ¡q °¨±í¡rªLïú¼w
    4. 10/11
    Modern and postmodern selves/texts--
    Is totality possible?
    a critique of New Criticism
  • Read Lit Crit 40-44 & the group's text
  • 5. 10/18
    group report (1)
  • Review "Araby"
  • II. Psychoanalysis¡Xthe hidden depth of literature and self

    6. 10/25 1. the unconscious and the Oedipus complex 
    ÃÀ³N®a©M¥ì©³©¬´µ±¡¸` e.g. D.H. Lawrence, Leonardo
    read Lit Crit 87-96;  ¡q¼ç·NÃÑ
    re-read ¡q°¨±í¡rªLïú¼w
    7. 11/1 2. dream analysis and the use of symbol
    theory+method: e.g. Rene Margritte, Rouseau's Dream; clips from Spellbound
    read "Tell-tale Heart" and"Should Wizard Hit Mommy?"
    8. 11/ 8 3. Neurosis and psychobiography: 
    "Tell-tale Heart," "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" Poe, Dickensen, & Henry Moore

    watch ±i¼Ý¿Ñªº¡mµâ¨§¡nand read "Sestina" by E. Bishop
    9. 11/15 2nd journal due
    E. Bishop, and¡mµâ¨§¡n
    the group's texts
    10. 11/22 
    (mid-term week)
    group report (2): Psycho, "The Cask of Amandillado" 1st paper and review "Araby"; Trifles
    "Yellow Wallpaper" or whichever texts which seem "feminist" to you

    III. Feminism¡Xgendered text and gendered subject

    11. 11/29 history of subordination of women & women's movement 1st paper due read Lit Crit 102-110; ¡m¤k©Ê¥D¸q²z½×»P¬y¬£¡n
    For reference: A Taxonomy of Feminist Intellectual Traditions
    film showing on Mon. morning: Ways of Seeing; Dream World
    12. 12/6
    from women's discourse (French Feminism) to gender studies: e.g. "Greek Goddess"; k.d. lang 
    Read "I Stand Here Ironing";
    film showing in class: fragments of speech
    For reference: Helene Cixous' "The Laugh of the Medusa" ; Judith Butler: Gender Trouble 
    Luce Irigaray
    Queer Theory 
    13. 12/13 
    Feminist  (Lesbian Studies)strategies:
    Tillie Olsen, Madonna, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Chinese Americans
    and Female Artists and Femininist Issues: Taiwanese and Western feminist painters
     3rd  journal, and Lit Crit 110-13; ®L¦tªº¡q³¥Ã~¬£¡r¡q¬Y¨ÇÂù¤H»R¡r
    ¡q­«ª÷ÄÝ¡r¡q«¸Üô¡r & the group's text
    14. 12/ 20 3rd journal due
    group report (3) & ®L¦t
    (Cf.  ®O±K  "The Feminist Poetic of Xia Yu" --in English)
    IV. Reader Response--  reading subject
    15. 12/ 27 implied reader, and concretization
    e.g. some animation 
    readLit Crit 45-54; "The Baby-Sitter" and record your reaction
    ROBERT COOVER; film reviews at IMDB
    16. 1/ 3
    horizon of expectation
    4th journal due; read the group's text;
    find a text that arouse different 
    17. 1/ 10
    group report (4) different reading selves;
    Summary and Preview; ºô¸ô¤å¾Ç»PŪªÌ(³sµ²ªººô¯¸½Ð¥HexplorerÆ[¬Ý¡^
    4th journal due
    18. 1/17
    Final paper due

    Kate Liu Fall, 1999

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